The Mobile Ad Fraud Stats You Need To Know

A mobile ad scam is a fraud when an advertiser is charged for an ad that a natural person does not see. It can happen when an ad is served to an automated bot, or someone clicks on it without viewing it. Mobile ad faking is a growing problem as more and more advertisers are moving their budgets to mobile advertising. There are several mobile ad scams, but click fraud is the most common. Click fraud occurs when a person clicks on an ad without viewing it. Another type of fake mobile ad is impression fraud. Impression fraud occurs when an advertiser is charged for an ad not seen by a natural person. It can be challenging to detect, as it often looks like legitimate traffic. Mobile ad fraud is a severe problem for advertisers, as it can waste budgets and skew data insights. Advertisers should be aware of the different types of mobile ad scams and take steps to prevent them from happening.

How Does Mobile Ad Scam Work?

There are a few different ways fraudsters can operate regarding mobile ad scams. One of the most common methods is called click injection when a fake ad click is generated to inflate ad impressions or generate revenue for the fraudster. Click injection can be perpetrated using malware or by spoofing IP addresses.

Another form of mobile ad fake is install hijacking, which occurs when a malicious actor uses a bot to generate fake installs of an app to receive pay-per-install commissions. This type of fraud can be challenging to detect, as it often relies on using legitimate devices and accounts.

Finally, there is SDK spoofing, when a fraudulent SDK is integrated into an app to collect data or commit ad fraud. This attack can be challenging to detect, as it can masquerade as a legitimate activity.

The Types Of Ad Fraud

There are many types of mobile ad fake, but click fraud is the most common. Click fraud occurs when someone clicks on an ad to drive up the costs for the advertiser. This can be done manually or through automated programs called bots.

Click fraud is difficult to detect and even more challenging to prevent. The best way to combat click fraud is to use a combination of technology and human analysis. Technology can help identify fraudulent activity patterns, but humans need to interpret those patterns and take action.

Businesses must be aware of the risk of mobile ad scams and take steps to protect themselves. Advertisers should consider using anti-fraud tools and services and carefully monitor their campaigns for signs of fraudulent activity.

The Solution To Mobile Ad Scams

The solution to mobile ad scams is two-fold:

  • Advertisers must be more vigilant about where their ads are placed. It means working with reputable ad networks and publishers with a good track record of ad placements.
  • Ad tech providers must continue developing new solutions to identify and prevent fraud. It includes better detecting of invalid traffic, bots, and other malicious activity.

Taking these steps can help reduce the amount of mobile ad fake and create a more trustworthy ecosystem for everyone involved.


This article’s mobile ad fraud stats show that the problem worsens. As a business owner, you need to be aware of the risks of mobile advertising and take steps to protect yourself. One way to do this is to use a reputable ad network with measures to detect and prevent fraud. You should also keep an eye on your campaigns and watch for any strange activity. If you suspect you’re a mobile ad fake victim, don’t hesitate to contact your ad network or legal counsel for help.


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