Paid Online Courses

Do you remember summer camp? Two months of summer vacation from school, fun activities and holiday homework and summer camps. The summer camps were organised during the vacations and offered short term courses in art, craft, music, dance and various other activities that helped children develop a hobby and then further work on the same to gain a skill. Summer camps were not just fun they also helped children spend their time fruitfully making new friends and learning something new. They were the perfect place for children who were into every activity and wished to be part of each hobby class trying to know something about everything. But school is over and there are neither summer vacations nor summer camps in adult life. 

So where do the grown-ups take courses or learn new skills or develop the skills they already have? How do the adults take classes and learn about new things that interest them and they would love to take it up as a hobby or time pass or even for learning if required? 

The answer is online courses. In the last two years, not only have schools, colleges and all other educational started functioning online using websites, apps and software, even summer camps have been conducted virtually. When we talk about virtual summer camps, we are also including all other types of skill development classes and courses that can be taken up by older children and adults as well. Online platforms for learning, conducting classes and adding online courses for the benefit of students have increased opportunities for all. The world and all its knowledge is now available at your fingertips and can be accessed using the device that is always in your hand- a Smartphone. But now you must be questioning whether the online courses are all about hobby classes and only gaining new skills or if they are only for grown-ups or students or professionals and many other such aspects of the same. 

If you’re wondering about what exactly are online courses, what are the types of paid online courses and how they benefit you, then you must read ahead. In this article, we will discuss the different types of paid online courses that are created and sold by teachers across the world. For teachers, we will also share a section on how to sell courses online for an additional income and help more students with their knowledge and skills. 

Online courses- live or video-based can be accessed using the courses platforms that are available online. From the basic subjects that are taught in school to high-demand job skills, you can easily find a course for any topic and any subject online. All you need to do is be regularly and watch the videos provided, make notes, read the provided study material and regularly complete the tests provided alongside to get your certification or to get better grades in school or college using the extra knowledge. 

How To Sell Courses Online? Teachers’ Guide

Multiple online platforms allow learning through pre-recorded video-based lectures. These courses are preferred not only by students but also professionals who wish to devote time to learning as it allows them to use the videos and complete the course from anywhere at their convenience. Teachers and people who wish to share their skills and experience from their own work-life can make the best use of these platforms to sell online courses. 

To sell courses online using the online courses platforms, you can record videos while explaining the different concepts related to the topics of your subject. You can prepare the text study material, video references and any additional material that the students would need and also create question papers for different modules of the course. Once through you can upload the course content on these platforms, decide the price and finally sell the course online. In case, you are not very familiar with content creation, you can use the tools that are offered on these platforms to make the videos more interesting and engaging. Through the duration of the course, you must be available for your students over email or messages to help them solve doubts. This will help you reach even more students by word of mouth and also get your course a good rating online. 


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