Best joke trophy ideas

We all know jokes are the best way to show off a business’s new look. But what we don’t know is how to make sure the jokes are funny. That’s where joke trophies come in. Joke trophies are a great way to show off your brand’s new look and make your customers laugh.

1.         Comic Golfer Resin Trophy

The Comic golfer resin trophy is pretty much the quintessential joke trophy. It is a simple enough item that looks great on a shelf in your shop, but it has enough humor behind it to be used as a conversation piece. It also makes you look like you know how to play golf, which might be helpful for future clients.

2.         Joke-O-Meter Resin Trophy

This joke-o-meter resin trophy is a more modern take on the classic joke trophy. This one’s easier to read than the old Scrabble board looks good on your shelf with all the other trophies you have. Plus, you can use its digital display for advertising upcoming shows or funny videos that you produce.

3.         Fantasy Football Armchair Quarterback Trophy – Trophy Awards

This trophy is an excellent example of a joke trophy that uses humor to make it look more interesting than just being a simple golf trophy. The way the arms are bent, in a hilarious pose, makes it look like the player is about to get up and leave or even walk away from the whole game. It would be best to have this in your collection no matter what your business sells.

4.         Fantasy Football Trophy / Free Engraving | Etsy

If you have a fantasy football league Fantasy Football Trophy / Free Engraving | Etsy is the trophy that you need. It is a trophy that looks like it is made of wood and has the same color scheme as your team’s jersey. Plus, it has an excellent engraving spot for your name and number. This is the perfect gift for your league members or yourself if you are in one!

5.         Toilet Trophy – Trophy Partner

Toilet Trophy makes the perfect loser trophy, gag trophy, or use to recognize a truly great employee. This toilet is made of resin, and it has a nice little plaque on the front that reads “Toilet Winner.” It also has a toilet shape that is embossed into its front. This is an excellent category of funny recognition awards for any office or business.

6.         Outhouse Bobblehead with three lines of custom text – Trophy Partner

If you have an outhouse in your business or want to give a gift to your customers from the sticks, this is the perfect gift for them. This bobblehead is made of plastic and has three lines of custom text on it that read “The most elegant outhouse in town,” “Home of the world-famous Poop Popsicles,” and “Call anytime for a fresh poop sample.” This bouncing wonder is sure to put a smile on the face of any customer that you give it to.

7.         Laptop Computer Trophy with 4 lines of custom text- Trophy Partner

The Laptop Computer Trophy is a great trophy for any computer user, so if you are looking for a gift for a friend who uses computers, a boss who uses computers, or even yourself, this is the perfect gift. It is made of resin and has four lines of custom text on it that read “Best in the West,” “The computer that’s always plugged in,” and “Why pay more when you can get more?” This is one trophy that will be appreciated and looked at often.

8.         The Baby Trophy with three lines of custom text- Trophy Partner

If you have a baby that is just too cute for words, this is the perfect trophy. This baby trophy has three lines of custom text on it that read “The cutest baby in town,” “Baby’s First Year,” and “Wish you were here.” This is an excellent gift for any mom or dad-to-be.

Trophies are a great way to recognize a job well done, reward employees for their hard work, celebrate a big win, and even use them just as a gag gift. It’s something that everyone needs in their office or business.


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