Best Alternatives to Payday Loans to Consider During a Crisis

When a crisis arises, it’s challenging to stay calm! Cash troubles are highly stressful, and losing a job, getting ill, or separation from your spouse can all lead to severe financial strain. 

Short-term or payday loans are the most hassle-free solutions to consider during a pressing financial need. But these payday loans lead you on a treadmill of a never-ending debt cycle. So, are you wondering if there are any payday alternatives during a financial crisis? 

The great news is that there are several alternatives to emergency or payday loans, and based on your situation, those will help you obtain money to alleviate your financial stress. Hence, when you’re in dire need of financing, you must consider these top 5 payday alternatives, which can keep you away from a debt cycle. 

  1. Receive an Advance on a Paycheck

When you’re in a financial crisis and need a loan immediately, receiving money from your employer as an advance loan would be the best option. However, your employer will disburse a tiny amount, such as $1,000, which will be taken from your next paycheck. For more money, reaching out to an online loan provider is best.

Although potential drawbacks are there when receiving an advance on a paycheck, such as how it leads to worse financial habits. On the other hand, it’s best for those employed people who need cash instantly and don’t have a top-notch credit score. Getting an advance on a paycheck is as fast as the same day or the next day. 

  1. Credit Union Loans

These credit union loans are the best payday loan alternatives for members in excellent relations with any local/regional credit union. So, if you are an existing member or qualified to join one, you must already have an option. Furthermore, before sanctioning the loan, the credit union will look at your credit score, credit history, and income. 

When the credit union gives alternative loans to quick loans, you can withdraw a tiny amount, a maximum of $1,000 to $2,000. Here, the highest possible interest rate is 28%, and 12 months will be the repayment terms. 

However, you need to remember that these credit unions are very much like online lenders, who report late payments to credit agencies. Hence, not making timely repayments will impact your credit score and approval of future loan applications.

  1. Personal Loans for Poor Credit

Are you one of those struggling to sustain a top-notch credit score? If so, there are personal loans for poor credit. You must understand that most personal loans come unsecured, based on the situation, which might make sense to discover a secured personal loan or credit line. 

Such loans come tied to a house or car and come with maximized risk but with better terms. Therefore, these only make sense when you expect to fulfill every loan reimbursement on time. 

On the other hand, another option is to seek a cosigner for a personal loan. Various financial institutions will accept bad credit with the addition of a cosigner as long as the cosigner is in excellent standing.  

  1. Medical Bill Assistance 

This alternative to payday loans is considered best for lowering a hefty medical bill or making it highly manageable to pay back. Several options to consider before finalizing your medical bills-related payday lender are:

  • Medical bill solicitors

Medical bill solicitors deal with the bills after a hefty process or hospital stay. They could also detect pricey mistakes and dispute them.

  • Payment plans

You need to check with your doctor, clinic, or hospital if you establish a payment plan that splits a hefty bill into tinier monthly payments. 

  1. Utilize a 0% APR Credit Card

You can avail of this alternative to payday loans with strong credit. The credit cards feature an introductory period without charging any interest, and the intro period usually lasts from 12-20 months. 

This option would be best for those confident that they will reimburse the balance before the introductory period ends if you possess top-notch credit and are confident that you will reimburse the balance prior to the period’s end. 


Hopefully, you have the best alternatives to payday loans, which can help you save cash during a crisis. So, what are you thinking of now? Do your homework first before choosing one of the alternatives mentioned above, because doing so and knowing your best options can help you get on a more concrete financial footing. 


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