9 Excellent Video Editing Tips For Beginners

Knowing all the top video editing tips and methods can help you tremendously as a video creator. A good edit is equally as vital as what occurs on location, as you know, but editing can be a complex process. It implies that gathering as much knowledge, tips, and techniques as possible is an important element of your approach – to help you streamline your workflow and improve your outcomes.

Many newcomers make the same mistakes when they start: they cut between actors’ speeches too quickly or use too many wide views. Once you understand the trade skills, anybody can become a master of video editing. Here are some video editing tips to get you started. These pointers may be used for any video and can assist you in producing your finest work.

Make a video plan

You should have a clear idea of the ultimate product in your mind and be interested in the audience’s response. A video project and strategy should be developed after you have collected sufficient raw footage. Choose the parameters for the project file in the online video editor. 

If you prepare ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about the video being weird or over-edited. Beginners should prepare editing plans to make the work process more accessible and structured. Professionals organise their films as well to save time and effort.

To tell a story, organise your footage.

The first step is to organise the footage you’ve filmed and import it into a seamless, smooth, and engaging plot for the audience to watch. The sequence usually organises the photos you import, depending on your program.

To make it simpler to distinguish which clip is whose, move your pictures around or give them different names. An online video editor has a ‘timeline’ feature that enables one to move their pictures around at specific periods across your film. Use this function to highlight specific frames, trim your clips, or apply transitions or effects to your video.

Maintain a Reasonable Pace

Video editors establish a flow or tempo depending on the time of their cuts while working on projects. It is possible that the viewer will not have enough time to absorb and digest information that is crucial to the tale if the edit is too fast. On the other hand, the viewers will quickly become bored if the edit is excessively slow.

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Switching between several camera perspectives and/or incorporating relevant B-roll material to cover periods of chat may make the video far more dynamic and fascinating than using a single locked-off viewpoint of two individuals having a conversation, even if all you’re editing is a primary interview.

Cut on action

The transition may be abrupt when moving from one viewpoint to another on a scene. It is most common when employing many takes, although it may also occur when two cameras are used on the same take—cutting in the middle of an activity rather than while things are still is one method to make cuts appear smoother.

For example, in a scenario where a person goes across a room, takes a seat, starts on a wide shot, then cuts to a close-up as they’re sitting down to emphasise the action. Because the movement will divert the viewer’s attention, the image will seem smoother and will assist in hiding minor continuity issues.

Use Transitions and Effect

The overuse or misuse of transitions and effects may easily distinguish an amateur editor from a professional. When editing a video online, strive to keep it as natural as possible. While video enhancement is necessary, sometimes little is more. 

Transitions are often used to represent shifts in time, topic, or other factors. Use simple transitions like fades, wipes, straight cuts, and flashes to ensure that viewers are not distracted from the video flow. The same concept applies to effects, which must be visually pleasing and not distract or disturb the viewer.

Think about colour

Colour grading and colour correction are the two types of colour editing methods. Colour correction is the process of altering your clips to achieve fundamental uniformity. When two different cameras or shots taken under various lighting conditions are put next to one another in an edit, the results might differ. 

A scene’s “look” is determined by the following stage, known as colour grading. Even if you don’t intend to use LUTs, there are specific high-end editing software that includes a comprehensive grading interface. If you give your clip a cooler or warmer aesthetic, think about how the video’s tone will vary.

Re-framing the footage

With today’s high-resolution cameras, editors have discovered the possibility of reshaping the material or, to put it another way, pushing or pulling the footage to create exciting effects. You may always attempt a general push-in on a busy scene, or you can place the video’s subject in the middle to hide their eye-line.

You may get two yells out at once by downscaling the high-resolution shooting. One of the most important things to remember while downscaling is to stay under 110 percent. Because if you attempt to extend the video more, the pixel may have a significant impact on the footage, and moving the clip becomes entirely out of place.

Edit Out Mistakes

Even though correcting technical and speaking problems is a necessary part of the editing process, you’ll be respected and commended in the post-production industry if you can do it with delicacy. This approach entails transitioning from one shot to a second photo taken from a different viewpoint and a new take that eliminates the error.

Cutting on action gives the spectator the impression that they see a continuous-time clip while viewing the edited film, even if the shots utilised for the sequence in the final cut might have been filmed hours or even days apart. Cutting on action is a common technique for removing errors.

Final Touch-Ups

The finishing touches to your video should be completed now that your chronology has been cleaned, your narrative has been edited, and your transitions have been completed. If you want your film to seem professional, you can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to visual appeal.

The colour palettes, shot arrangements, and framing are all talents that take time to perfect and cannot be learned overnight. The videos that you’ve just finished will have to do for the time being. When it comes to touching up your final movie, filters & colour grading are the best buddies.

Wrapping Up

The skill of video editing requires time and effort, and it is not something that can be accomplished in a day. On the other hand, these expert recommendations may help you get a head start. The technique will also be quite enjoyable, particularly when you see your completed work.

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