5 Symptoms Of Being Roofied Everyone Should Know

Research published by Sage Journals revealed that 11 million rape cases in the US occurred under the influence of drugs. The abusers spiked the drinks of their target, altering their consciousness, and making them vulnerable to date rapes.

Roofies, a prescription drug, is increasingly being abused as a date rape drug. The drug easily conceals in a drink, rendering the victim unable to resist unwanted advances and forgetting the events that transpired. Symptoms mimic alcohol consumption, meaning most victims never realize they were drugged.

Read on for five symptoms of being roofied.

You Feel High

Feeling high is a common sign of being roofied, especially if you take the substance with alcohol. This symptom makes discerning between someone who is overindulged and someone who has been drugged challenging. Your close friends may be unable to tell what is or is not out of your character if you drink.

If you have a buildup tolerance but still experience a hangover, it could be one of the symptoms of being roofied and the drugs leaving your system. Feeling weak is also a side effect of being roofied.

Extreme Brain Fog

The effects of roofies are fast unless you have been taking shots. Someone drunk with alcohol will appear confused and disoriented, and spotting them from a crowd is easy. In some people, it is easy to confuse the symptoms of being roofied with habitual drinking. The drugs will make certain people’s brains feel foggy while others will be sleepy, spacey, and ready to comply with their abuser’s advancements.

Unusual Interactions With Strangers

Interactions in bars and clubs are encouraged. Your support system may break off without communicating, leaving you vulnerable. This environment makes it ideal for abusers to drug their targets as everyone focuses on the things that matter to them. If you feel disoriented with overindulgence in unusual behavior and interaction, do not entirely blame alcohol, as it could be a sign you have been roofied.

Gaps In Your Memory

Losing consciousness can result from drinking too much alcohol, but it is also one of the symptoms of being roofied. If you cannot recall the happenings of your previous evening dates, including how you moved from one place to another, chances are you were roofied. Convincing a mentally vulnerable person to go to an unfamiliar place is much easier, and your abuser might have taken advantage of this.

Physical Symptoms Of Being Roofied

Physical signs of being roofied will appear about thirty minutes after ingestion and can last up to the following day. These symptoms include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Impaired judgment
  • Impaired motor skills
  • Reduced levels of consciousness
  • Sleepiness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Headaches

What To Do After Being Roofied

If you suspect someone drugged and raped you based on your symptoms, call 911 or someone you trust to take you to the ER. The authorities will collect evidence, and you should avoid peeing, bathing, or changing your clothes before going to the hospital. Remember, no matter how much you drunk, sexual assault is never justifiable, and culprits should take responsibility.


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