9 Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Techie Moms

Mothers dedicate their entire lives to attending to every little need of ours. Be it school work, lunchtime crankiness, or being unable to go to sleep, it is our mother that we turn to for aid. Unfortunately, though, we do not always show the appreciation and gratitude that our mothers genuinely deserve.

Luckily, you can make up for all the times you might have taken your mom for granted. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it is the perfect time for you to go shopping for the perfect gift for your mom.

And if your mom happens to be a techie, then she is in for a treat. We have gathered some of the fines gifts that tech-moms are bound to fall in love with instantly. Let’s check them out:

iRobot Roomba® s9

First up, is every mother’s savior and friend, a fully automated vacuuming robot. The iRobot Roomba® s9 series is a state-of-the-art self-functioning vacuum cleaner that keeps your mother from ever picking the broom again.

Powered by the PerfectEdge® technology, the Roomba s9 is capable of cleaning even the tiniest of corners that would have been otherwise left out. Moreover, the Roomba® s9 is also compatible with several trademark accessories that also enable your moms to mop and dispose of without making much effort.

Belkin Boost Charge™ Wireless Charging Stand

Nowadays, almost every person has at least two smart devices that need charging regularly. And even if a person only has a smartphone, charging it the conventional way is not good enough anymore.

Nowis the time of wireless charging and you need the ultimate wireless charger for your gizmos. The Boost Charge™ by Belkin will allow your mom to fast-charge her gadgets without ever needing to search for a wall socket. The circular charging stand can Qi-charge her devices with up to 10W of juice. And it is compatible with iOS and Android devices alike.

CowayAirmega Air Purifier

Mothers are always concerned about tidying up the house and keeping it completely safe for the family. Well, the CowayAirmega Air Purifier can help in that regard as it is capable of purifying the air around by up to 99.99%.

This handy device can rid the house of any bacteria, viruses, and odors almost instantaneously, leaving behind a room filled with refreshing air to breathe for all. And since Coway Air Purifiers also come with Wi-Fi connectivity, using them is seamless.

Kindle Oasis

Does your mother enjoy reading? Has she lately been too busy to take time off for herself to enjoy her favorite book? Well, you could gift her the Kindle Oasis eReader to remind her that she needs to give herself time as well.

With a little help from the likes of Spectrum internet, the Kindle Oasis will enable your mom to download all the books that her heart desires, and the built-in audio capabilities will also keep her company when she does not have time to read.

PhoneSoap 3 Smartphone Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere – We learned that the hard way after the Coronavirus broke loose. Since then, everyone has been making sure to sanitize their hands repeatedly just to stay safe from the harmful virus.

But the thing is that our hands are not the only things that should be sanitized. Our smartphones are used constantly, making it vital to sanitize them as well.

The PhoneSoap 3 UV Light Smartphone Sanitizer is the device that you ought to get for your mother. This sanitizer encases the phone completely and transmits UV light all over it which can kill off up to 99.99% of the germs on it.

Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Mothers like to decorate their homes with all kinds of fancy decorations pieces and family photos all over. With the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame, she can elevate the ambiance to the next level while showcasing the family portraits.

Furthermore, the 10+-inch screen also makes it easy to share precious photos and even videos with a little help from the dedicated Nixplay smartphone app. And lastly, the frame supports multiple languages including English, Japanese, French, and German.

Rise Gardens Single Family Garden

If your mother has a green thumb and likes to spend her days in the garden tending to fruits and vegetables, then there can rarely be a better gift for her than this. The Single Family Garden by Rise Gardens is a Wi-Fi-enabled smart garden where she can grow her favorite plants inside the home.

All your mother would need to do is plant the seeds at the beginning and enjoy the harvest once their growth is complete. The smart technology powering this gadget will automatically manage the water consumption fertilization of the plants inside.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen

Homes have grown to be way smarter. Today, even the most mundane of tasks may be accomplished with the power of voice. So, make sure to get your mom the Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen for Mother’s Day.

This seemingly small Bluetooth speaker will enable her to overcome various tasks such as catching up on news updates, checking the weather, starting the coffee machine, and listening to her favorite tunes while she is busy doing chores at home.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Lastly, your mother could also greatly benefit from a smart screen at home. The Amazon Echo Show 15 is 15 inches of pure excellence as it can not only let your mom control the home with the power of her voice, but also keep her entertained with her favorite shows when she is too busy to sit in front of the TV.

The Echo Show 15 is further powered by the Alexa virtual assistance and she shall find numerous handy widgets on her screen that facilitate her chores at home. Not to mention, having Netflix in the kitchen can be quite tempting when you are cooking.

On a Final Note

Before Mother’s Day finally arrives, make sure to get your mom the perfect gift to express your love. Though these gifts can surely cheer her up, there are boatloads of other ideas that you can explore as well.


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