The Best Gifts For Toddlers Who Love Disney Characters

Disney is the number one children’s entertainment brand, and their movies, television shows, theme parks and more have captured the hearts of infants, toddlers and preschoolers for decades. If your little one loves Disney, you’ll want to check out our list of the best gifts for toddlers who love Disney characters. From a Disney subscription box to a toy that features favorite characters from the movies and TV shows, we’ve got you covered!

Disney subscription box for toddlers

Toddlers love Disney characters, so why not give them a subscription box full of all their favorite characters? The Disney Subscription Box is perfect for little ones who love Diney characters and discovering new things! Each box comes with 4-6 items, including toys, hairbands, stickers, and more. There’s something for everyone in this box, from the classic Disney characters to new favorites like Moana. Plus, there are always exclusive bonus items that aren’t available anywhere else! This is the perfect gift for any toddler who loves Disney movies and characters. 

Disney fans of toddlers will love subscribing to a Disney subscription box! These boxes are filled with fun Disney themed items and goodies for little ones to enjoy. Some of our favorite Disney subscription boxes for toddlers include the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Box, Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Box, and The Little Mermaid Box. These boxes come monthly and contain different themed items such as clothing, toys, games, and more. There is something for every child in these boxes!

What is in the Disney subscription box?

Disney fans rejoice! Starting in December, Disney is introducing a new subscription box called The Disney Box. This monthly box will include items such as clothes, accessories, and toys related to your favorite Disney movies and characters. 

The best part? It’s only $19 per month, which is a great deal for parents who want to spoil their little ones with all things Disney. Plus, you can cancel at any time without penalty so it’s the perfect gift for those special occasions when you don’t know what to get.

How much does it cost?

Disney is one of the most popular children’s brands in the world, loved by toddlers and preschoolers alike. Whether your tot is a fan of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or any other Disney character, there are sure to be gifts out there that will make them smile.

Here are some ideas for the little ones who love Disney:

1. A plush toy or doll of their favorite character. This can be something small like Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck, or something bigger like Mickey or Snow White.

2. A replica of one of the famous Disney scenes from a movie or TV show. Examples include Sleeping Beauty’s Castle from “Beauty and the Beast,” Ariel’s Grotto from “The Little Mermaid,” or Cinderella’s Royal Ballroom from “Cinderella.”

3. Custom-made party supplies such as invitations to a themed birthday party, decorations for a play area at home, or cake toppers inspired by characters from their favorite movie.

4. Exclusive clothing and accessories only available at Disney stores and theme parks. These can range from socks and T-shirts with characters on them to specially designed backpacks, hats, and shoes.

What are the benefits of the Disney subscription box for toddlers?

Disney has become one of the most popular children’s entertainment brands in the world. With movies, TV shows, and theme parks spanning across numerous countries, Disney is sure to have something for everyone. For toddlers who love Disney characters, a subscription box is a great way to keep them entertained.

Some of the benefits of subscribing to a Disney subscription box for toddlers include:

-A monthly delivery of new toys and activities that are themed around your child’s favorite Disney character or movie.

-The opportunity to collect everything together in one place so that your toddler can proudly show off their collection.

-Access to exclusive content not available anywhere else, such as behind-the-scenes videos and sneak peaks at upcoming products.


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