Parquetry Flooring: Where Craftsmanship and Elegance Converge

Welcome to the world of Parquetry Flooring, where craftsmanship and elegance intertwine to create flooring masterpieces that stand the test of time. Parquetry flooring is more than just a surface to walk on; it’s an art form that weaves carefully chosen wood pieces into intricate designs, adding style and sophistication to any space. This timeless choice brings a touch of warmth and opulence, making your home or business truly exceptional. Join us on a journey through the exquisite world of parquetry flooring and discover how it can transform your environment.

Types of Parquetry Flooring

Step into the realm of parquetry flooring and explore the three main types that have graced spaces with their exquisite beauty:

  • Block Parquet Floors: Experience the elegance of block parquet floors, where small rectangular blocks unite in timeless patterns such as squares or rectangles. This classic design exudes formality and sophistication, making it a perfect match for traditional décors. Whether crafted from hardwood or softwood species, the key lies in a consistent wood species throughout the design for a harmonious look.
  • Herringbone Floors: Dive into the allure of herringbone floors, where alternating rectangular blocks create a mesmerizing zigzag pattern reminiscent of fish bones. This versatile pattern effortlessly complements both modern and traditional settings, offering the flexibility to play with light and dark shades for striking contrasts. The varying sizes within the pattern infuse depth and texture, enriching any space with a dynamic visual.
  • Chevron Floors: Embark on a journey of visual intrigue with chevron floors, featuring blocks arranged in a V-shaped pattern. This design adds a touch of drama and movement to your space, creating a captivating focal point that draws the eye. Chevron floors lend themselves to various wood species, allowing you to customize the aesthetic to match your vision.

Installation Process for Parquetry Flooring

Delve into the art of installing parquetry flooring and create a masterpiece under your feet:

A. Preparing the Subfloor and Room: Lay the foundation for your parquetry flooring by ensuring the subfloor is clean, level, and free from moisture. This critical step provides the canvas on which your design will flourish.

B. Laying The Base Layer Tiles: Establish the base layer of your parquetry pattern with precision and care. This stage sets the tone for the intricate design that will unfold.

C. Installing Additional Tiles in a Pattern or Design: Unleash your creativity as you install additional tiles to form your chosen pattern or design. Pay attention to alignment and symmetry for a seamless result that exudes artistry.

D. Sealing the Floors with Polyurethane Finish or Wax: Protect your parquetry flooring masterpiece by sealing it with a polyurethane finish or wax. This step enhances durability while showcasing the wood’s natural beauty.

Maintenance Tips for Parquet Floors

Nurture the longevity and splendor of your parquet floors with these essential maintenance tips:

  • Clean Regularly: Embrace regular cleaning to prevent dirt and dust from dulling your floor’s shine. Vacuum with a soft brush attachment, mop with approved cleaning solutions, and ensure thorough drying to ward off moisture-related issues.
  • Use Furniture Pads: Safeguard against scratches by placing furniture pads under chairs, tables, and other furnishings with potential to scratch the wood’s surface.
  • Avoid Moisture Damage: Keep moisture at bay to preserve your parquet floors’ integrity. Address spills promptly and maintain a balanced indoor humidity level.


Parquetry flooring is not merely a floor; it’s an artistic statement that enriches spaces with its timeless charm and intricate designs. It’s a testament to the marriage of beauty and durability, where every step taken is a testament to craftsmanship and elegance. With its versatility, aesthetics, and easy maintenance, parquetry flooring is a cherished choice for those seeking to elevate their spaces with sophistication and style. Embrace the allure of parquetry flooring and create an environment that’s truly exceptional.


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