Why Should You Apply For Trust Bank’s Credit Card

Are you looking for a credit card that offers more than just credit? Trust Bank’s credit card presents a world of benefits, from exceptional savings on daily essentials to a seamless digital experience. Let’s explore why applying for Trust Bank’s credit card is a smart choice for your financial journey.

1. Best Savings On Daily Essentials

Enjoy unbeatable savings of up to 21% when you use your Trust Bank credit card for grocery and food purchases at FairPrice Group. It’s a rewarding way to ease your daily expenses. Say goodbye to high fuel costs too because Trust Bank credit cardholders can save up to 20% on fuel purchases at Caltex stations, adding more value to every journey. Discover a curated lineup of merchant partners that offer exclusive promotions and offers for Trust Bank credit cardholders. Elevate your everyday experiences with these exciting benefits.

2. No Unnecessary Fees

With Trust Bank’s credit card, you can enjoy the benefits without any annual fees, saving you from unnecessary expenses. Travel with peace of mind as Trust Bank credit card does not charge any foreign transaction fees, even eliminating the typical 1% Visa charges. Trust Bank further ensures a transparent and cost-effective experience by eliminating cash advance and card replacement fees, making your financial journey hassle-free.

3. You Can Choose Your Repayment Date

Be in control of your finances by selecting your preferred repayment date when applying for the Trust Bank credit card. One of the best features of this card, it’s the first credit card in Singapore to offer such flexibility, tailored to your convenience.

4. A Better Digital Card Experience

Trust Bank’s credit card comes with a unique feature allowing you to lock or unlock your card via the app anytime, ensuring enhanced security. With just one tap, you can also seamlessly switch between debit and credit functions on your Trust Bank credit card to cater to your spending needs.Activate your physical card with ease and security by holding it to the back of your phone – a simple and quick process.

Apply For A Trust Bank Credit Card Today

Unlock a world of benefits and unparalleled convenience by applying for Trust Bank’s credit card. Elevate your spending experience with exceptional savings, no unnecessary fees, flexibility in repayments, and a seamless digital card experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to make the most of your finances with one of the world’s fastest growing banks. Apply for Trust Bank’s credit card now!


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