Mastering How to Care and Style Luvme Hair Layered Wigs with Bangs: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are looking to explore different looks and want to enhance your appearance, layered wigs are a fashionable choice you can try out. Irrespective of your desired look, whether casual, trendy, or sophisticated, mastering how to style these wigs is essential. If you want to learn about these wigs, you are in the right place. This comprehensive guide will delve into how to care for, and style layered wigs with bangs.

Table of Content

  • How to Style Layered Wigs with Bangs
  • Different bang styles that work well with layered wigs
  • Tips for Caring for Luvme Hair Layered Wigs with Bangs
  • Where to Buy Layered Wigs with Bangs
  • Conclusion

How to Style Layered Wigs with Bangs

The quality of your wig will determine how natural it will look and whether the styling process will be easier. Once you have chosen a good quality wig, the next is to clean and prepare them. Ensure the wig is clean, properly maintained, and detangled. If you need to comb to remove any knots or tangles, do that carefully with a wide-tooth comb. 

Next, select a bangs shape that is suitable for your face shape. You can choose blunt bangs if you have a round face. However, you can choose any bang style you desire if you have an oval face. The next thing is to identify your styling tools; there are a couple of them to choose from curling wand, flat iron, or heated rollers. Your choice will depend on your desired look.

Different Bang Styles That Work Well With Layered Wigs

Side-Swept Bangs

Side-wept bangs are a classic and timeless choice that works perfectly with layered wigs. Sweep the bangs to a side and blend them perfectly with the layers. This bangs style will soften your look while offering a face-framing effect to ensure you stand out.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are ideal to add a modern touch to your layered wig while offering a bold appearance. The bangs style is straight across the forehead to help you make a statement and accentuate your facial features.

Wispy Bangs

These delicate bangs and airy strand offer a whimsical look that makes them perfect for layered wigs. They look feathery, perfect for a soft and romantic look. This adds a sense of movement to your hairstyle and makes it lighter.

Curly Bangs

Curls or waves are a perfect addition to bangs, and they will change your look completely. You will look playful and flirty for curly bangs as they complement layers greatly.

Layered Bangs

Layered bangs combine perfectly with layered wigs, helping you create a harmonious look. It enhances the natural flow of your hairstyle while adding depth and dimension to your appearance.

Textured Bangs

This bang style involves creating uneven edges to achieve a chic look. Also, they complement layered wigs to offer a carefree and relaxed appearance.

Tips for Caring for Layered Wigs with Bangs

Gentle Handling

Treat your wig like your natural hair to prevent any tangles or damage. Always carefully handle it when you wear or take the wig off. Do not pull or tug the hair, especially closer to the bangs and layers.


Brushing your wig regularly will help remove tangles; you can do this using a wide-too comb or a recommended wig brush. Be careful during the process; you don’t want to damage your hair. Begin from the tips and find your up. Also, do not exert any pressure that can disrupt the wig construction.


Always ensure you follow the care guidelines by the manufacturer while washing your wig. Only use hair products (conditioner and shampoo) made specifically for synthetic or human hair wigs. Carefully apply the shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Next, you can apply the conditioner. Ensure you rinse it off well and hang it to dry once done washing.

Styling Products

Note the type of styling product you use on your wig. It must be safe enough to help your wig stays healthy. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol to keep your hair moisturized. Also, apply a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair soft.

Heat Styling

Heat styling only applies to wigs made of human hair. Use tools like blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons to style your wig. However, always apply a heat protectant spray on the wig to minimize damage from heat. If your wig is made from synthetic fibers, do not attempt using these tools as it can damage them.


Always keep your wig safe when it is not in use. Store on a wig stand, mannequin, or in its original box. This will help maintain the shape of the wig and keep it healthy. Also, keep in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Where to Buy Layered Wigs with Bangs

It is important that you buy your layered wigs with bangs from a reliable and reputable source. Research online retailers consider checking wig boutiques and stores to access different options. 

Whether you want a wig made from synthetic fiber or human hair, ensure you choose the durable one. To save the stress of looking for a reliable brand, you can buy from Luvme Hair. Luvme Hair offers a wide range of layered wigs with bangs and other wigs.


A combination of the beauty of a layered wig and the framing effect of bangs is something you don’t want to miss. This special type of wig will offer your hair a textured look and make you look natural. This article has explained how you can style this wig, the types of bangs suitable for layered wigs, and how to care for the wig. It will put you in the right direction to know everything you should know about layered wigs with bangs.


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