Effects of regular acceptance of antacids on men’s health

Our actions have had plenty of consequences for us. From global warming to obesity, it is our own actions that have contributed to a lot of discomfort to our body, mind and the environment. One such mistake of ours is a poor choice of food that causes regular bloating, heartburn and acidity. While munching our favourite food we don’t understand what it will cause to our bodies. This is known as unconscious eating. 

Whereas a realised being must eat what is needed by the body, today we see that eating is dependent on the taste loved by the man. This extreme thought process is the reason for today’s health crises where even teenagers are suffering from acidity, heartburn and improper bowels. 

The treatment of acidity chemically can be to add base or alkali, which will neutralise the acid. This same theory is used in men who suffer from acidity, they are prescribed antacids by doctors. Antacid belongs to the class of medicines that react with the acid in the stomach and neutralize it. Thus, the person suffering from acidity is relieved and gets a happy stomach and gut. Such people no longer depend on Fildena at powpills.com. But it is seen that many people take antacids almost regularly or whenever they get acidity. Their mind does not go to think about changing the unhealthy food that causes acidity because they are sure that antacid will cure it. 

This mindset is harmful in the long run because antacids are at the end of the day, chemicals that are to be taken under the supervision of the doctor. Hence, the chances of side effects if not instantly then surely in the long run is very much possible. In this article, we shall discuss the effects of regular consumption of antacids on men’s health that make it necessary to Buy Cenforce 100.

Do antacids cause side effects if taken regularly?

People should consider antacids just like any other medicine. Yes, the side effects surely occur if taken regularly and some of them are highly hazardous ones. So, while consuming antacids think about why the situation has come that you need to take an antacid. Try to work on the root cause and eliminate it. The root cause of acidity is the consumption of fast foods that are rich in cholesterol and sugary drinks are the main cause of acidity. But people don’t reduce the consumption of such food items and keep on taking antacids whenever needed. 

After a time, this becomes a habit that cannot be changed. You can change a bad habit at a young age not when you are old. Some of the hazardous effects of taking antacids are:

Weak bones

Several research institutions have proposed the conclusion that regular acceptance of antacids can become the reason for weak bones. The bone density of such men gets eroded over years which makes them vulnerable to fractures and injuries. Hence, even a minor attack on your hands, legs or any bone can break it. Such men are not advised by doctors to undergo heavy physical tasks including playing their favourite sport. Weak bones you may have seen in advertisements for health drinks but remember they do nothing but only provide good taste. Weak bones can only be improved by taking proteins to help build strong bones again so that men do not feel the need to check Sildenafil Citrate Cenforce 150 Price.

Esophageal Cancer

Another long-term effect of using antacids is Esophageal cancer. It was found in research that men who took antacids for more than 2 years generated high risk of getting Esophageal cancer than non-user or who took antacids for less than 2 years. This is very much possible because you keep on pumping base or alkali in the stomach which leads to a neutralization reaction. Regular neutralization reaction will affect the tissues and cells of the stomach and gut because the reaction of acids and base sometimes results in the release of minor heat also. 

One may not feel the effects instantly but after years the possibility of occurrence of a small ulcer or tumour is inevitable. It will show some symptoms like difficulty in swallowing food, weight loss without you doing anything, chest pain accompanied by a burning sensation, vomiting blood, dark stool and many more. If any of these symptoms are felt, go to the doctor immediately as identification of cancer in the initial stages makes things easy. Centers like urgent care Astoria can provide immediate evaluation and assessment by experienced healthcare professionals. Identifying cancer in its early stages can greatly simplify the treatment process and improve outcomes.

What to do then?

After reading the side effects of antacids if taken regularly many men may feel that should they take antacids from now on or not? Well, the answer is simple and it requires common sense. Antacids are effective and their simple way of consumption makes them a convenient drug. Just swallow the tablets or if in powder form then mix them with water and drink it. 

One should always remember the quote, “Prevention is better than cure” and think to eradiate the reason for acidity. This will lead to a situation where no more antacid is needed.


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