Smart Strategies For Choosing Eurojackpot Numbers

EuroJackpot is the second-largest lottery in the world. It is second only to EuroMillions. Until recent years, you had to live in one of the countries that sponsor EuroJackpot to play. Today, online lottery sites like Lottoland allow you to play in more than 30 countries and have an estimated 13 million customers.

Lottoland uses a fixed-odds betting system. This means you play just like the Europeans, except you play online. When the official draw is made, you return to the site to check the EuroJackpot results,  If you picked the winning numbers, you win the same amount as the National winner. Lottoland pays you, guaranteed. 

For years people have studied ways to predict the EuroJackpot winning numbers. Before we go further, you should know lottery numbers are always selected randomly. You see, the beauty of any lottery is the fact that everyone has an equal chance of winning. There is one primary way to increase your odds of winning and that is to play more. Of course, if you play 20 times you have 19 more chances to win than the person who only played one game.

Still, while we cannot guarantee you a win, we can offer you some solid tips that will give you a bit of an edge. Read on for these tips.

Professional betting tips

Below you will find some tricks for winning the lottery. As stated, Afain, these tips will not guarantee you a win. But, based on data gathered from state-of-the-art computer programs, experience, and knowledge of the games, they will give you a bit of an edge. 

  • Skip dates

For some reason, people tend to use dates when choosing numbers. They may use the digits from a birthday, wedding anniversary, or their child’s graduation. These dates have meaning to them. However, no month that has more than 31-days. Since they selection grid is between 1 and 50, the numbers from 32 to 50 are used much less often. Those numbers will eventually hit. Fewer people will have used them when they do, making the odds better for those who use them. 

  • Syndicates are smart

Many times people who are in a syndicate win the lottery. This is true. Statistics show one in five lottery wins goes to syndicate members. With odds like that, it makes sense to go with that lead.

  • Use your head – check the odds of the game

We all want to win big jackpots and become instant millionaires. But you have better odds of winning lotteries with lower odds. You may not win mega-millions, but you can still win some significant cash and win more often. Check the site for a list of the available lotteries and the odds before you bet. Most of us would be happy to bring home 100k or so with a secondary prize. 

  • Computers are helpful.

When a computer picks a random number, it truely is random. It is foolish to believe computers are programmed against you, and they are not programmed for you. They are machines. When a device is commanded to select random numbers, that is just what it does. There is no thought process to get in the way.

  • Betting the numbers one through six is not real bright.

Every week, thousands of people choose the numbers one through six for their lottery numbers. The chance of one through six to hit are one in 14 million.  There may come a time when the lottery hits those numbers, but if it does, there will be many people sharing the prize. Be more original and trust yourself to make a better choice.

  • Be consistent

Once you have chosen your numbers, use them. Be consistent. Bet them every week at around the same every time you place the bet. How many times have you read about someone who bet on a group of numbers for months or even years and then gave up. Then a few weeks later, they hear of a person who won the lottery with their numbers! Don’t give up. 


 Betting on the EuroJackpot lottery is fun. It is entertaining. It allows us to participate in hope, and that feels good. So, take advantage of being able to bet from your computer or smartphone, and bet on lotteries all over the globe. Enjoy yourself online with casino games and blog posts filled with great stories. Always think of yourself as a winner. That is the one guarantee we can give you. When you believe in greatness, you achieve excellence. 


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