The main rules of healthy eating: the advice of a nutritionist

The most common wish for holidays and birthdays is, of course, to be healthy. Of course, everyone needs health, without which everything loses its meaning. However, we do not always make enough effort to eat a healthy diet, although we know that the dominant role in maintaining our health lies outside medical institutions and in our own hands. What should we not forget? How to collect joy? Nutritionists will answer these questions today. 

The science of healthy nutrition

Nutritionists say that health, quality and longevity largely depend on what we eat, what our food is made of and how we consume it. Vitality, health and diseases are the result of our diet. The human body is constantly renewed. Every minute, the main structures of the body wear out and are replaced by new cells and components. So, within 5 years, 95% of our body is completely renewed, and what happens depends on which bricks we build our body. As you can see, gambling our well-being is not roulette in the stake gambling, but a science that we must learn soon. So, today we have what we ate yesterday and the day before yesterday. If the food is bad, the brain is forced to think about how to patch the existing holes and where to put the building materials first. Consequently, less nutrients are spent on the reproduction of new cells and complications occur.

Nutritionists are often confused with nutritionists, but there is an important difference between the two. A nutritionist is a doctor who specializes in different foods aimed at treating a disease or any pathology. The nutritionist helps the person understand his daily diet, identify important mistakes and correct them for the purpose. People who decide to lead a healthy lifestyle are the first to learn about nutrition.

Global rules of healthy eating

For readers who have never heard of nutrition, we have chosen universal rules for healthy eating:

Rule number 1. There is no day without vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are important sources of fiber for people of all ages. Therefore, a person should eat at least 700 grams of vegetables and fruits every day. The ideal solution to this issue will be the habit of keeping a bowl of fruit on the table: it stands in a prominent place, leaving no choice for snack lovers. It is better to put “seasonal” fruits in this pot – in this way you will save your family from chemicals used for rapid ripening of fruits. 

Rule number 2. Milk tastes twice as good

The most useful milk is fresh, which is usually unavailable to townspeople. But in the supermarket you can choose milk for the health of the whole family. First, look at the expiration date – if it is short, the product has no protection. It is better to choose milk marked “natural”. But a product marked “reconstructed” has a lower nutritional value.

Rule No. 3. Cholesterol

Given that cholesterol is harmful, it should not be avoided: it is necessary for people in small amounts, because it is a building material for cells. There’s no need to “slim down” your family’s diet because you think you’re doing a good job – both deficiency and deficiency of this important nutrient can lead to metabolic disorders. You should eat 20-30 grams of fat per day. For example, a glass of refined grains contains the same amount. Dangerous fats are known as trans fats, which are obtained by turning liquid oil into a solid. 

Rule No. 4. Bake the dessert yourself

The main danger of sweets is excessive growth of appetite. Within an hour of toasting the cake, the person is hungry. Don’t eat sweets – advise to eat at least one taste every day. Nutritionists consider cooking desserts at home a winning option: you can bake apples with berries and honey in the oven, cheesecake with raisins – there are many recipes for healthy and delicious desserts.

Rule number 5. Heated food

For dinner, it is better to eat hot food, because it is absorbed faster. At the end of the day, the metabolic rate decreases – a person who has a habit of eating heavily can say goodbye to a beautiful face. Dinner should not be high in calories: it can be chicken breast with vegetables or steamed fish. You should not eat carbohydrates at night, especially chocolate, cereals, potatoes – eat them during the day. It is impossible to find the right diet for everyone. However, when you make a menu for the family, you can take as a basis the optimal ratio: carbohydrates 50%, proteins – 20%, fats – a third.


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