Mood Swings: How to Keep Your Balance

Your mood is like a roller coaster – from euphoria to utter despair? Such fluctuations have a negative effect not only on relationships with loved ones, but also on your performance and health. That’s why it’s so important to keep a balance. We’ve compiled a few recommendations for you on how to cope with emotional swings without “sacrifice.” Don’t be thankful!

What Happens When We “Land” on an Emotional Swing

Emotions are normal. And the fact that they vary in intensity and color is also normal. We are not going anywhere from them: emotions have been, are, and always will be with us. It is a natural part of life. Another question is how we deal with it. If you get angry, you don’t need to run to a therapist and ask, “What’s wrong with me?”

Each of us always has a complete emotional kit with us. Our brain and psyche are so structured that all of us, without exception, can experience anger, sadness, joy, excitement related to future plans – in short, the full emotional spectrum. It’s just that some emotions are our “favorite,” while others we strenuously repress. And when these repressed emotions awaken, that’s when we begin to literally tear ourselves apart. For example, when you were a child, your parents told you that “it’s not good to be angry, you’re a well-mannered boy,” in which case, instead of anger, you now fall into despondency every time. If in quarantine you suddenly find yourself amazed that you are capable of anger, find a kind of benefit in it – because you have discovered something entirely new in yourself. At first, it may even frighten you: in this case, a secondary emotion of fear is mixed in. Don’t worry and don’t let yourself get confused: as we remember from the first point, it’s perfectly normal to experience completely different emotions.

We subconsciously strive to be consistent. But our world isn’t black and white – and neither are our attitudes toward it. Every event has several facets.

This is most evident in personal relationships. You can be angry at my partner, but you can also be happy to have him near me at the same time. Get close to me, get away from me. It’s common to have ambiguous events in life. And the reactions to them are logically quite ambiguous as well. This is a fairly common story, which can be a source of incomprehension not only from your loved ones, but also for yourself. After all, in such cases we most often cannot fully comprehend what is happening to us.

Don’t Keep Your Emotions Inside

Find a safe way to let your emotions out through your body. The next time you start to experience palpitations, lumps in the throat, or other physical conditions from resentment or anger, use this method to keep the negativity from taking over your mood.

It could be meditation, playing at, breathing exercises, jogging in the park, or painting on a canvas. Perhaps a more expressive method will help you: beating old dishes or tearing unnecessary things to shreds. Everyone has their own methods of achieving harmony of body and soul!

Don’t Shift Responsibility

Even if your mood has changed for external reasons, take responsibility for your mood swings. Your emotions belong only to you, and you can influence them!

A simple exercise will help you keep your balance: start writing down your thoughts in a notebook when you experience another mood swing, write down the nature of your experiences and rate them on a 10-point scale. With each week, you will more adequately assess the significance of events and the appropriateness of your emotional reaction to them.

Look at Yourself From the Outside

Try to figure out what the next mood swings are related to. Maybe in the distant past in your life there was some situation of loss or danger. And now every time you encounter a similar event, your brain tries to protect itself by sending a particular emotion.

Find the Source of the Experience

Be Sherlock for a while and build a logical chain to find the source of your mood swings. What was the trigger for the sudden emotion? What made you feel agitated? What did you hear, see, or feel? These “investigative steps” and saying the reasons out loud will reduce the heat of passion and help you calm down and catch some zen!


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