Wpit18 : Know About Register,Login,Dashbord

Sabong games are a part of the culture for many and in countries like Samoa and the Philippines, rooster fighting is a credible place to place wagers on. And as time passes by, evolution has overturned sabong games into an internet thing as well. Now, websites like Wpit18 host rooster fighting matches that can be live watched while bettors place their bets.

How can you register or log in at Wpit18? 

To be able to watch or place bets, registration is of utmost necessity. However, you cannot create a new account on Wpit18 on your own, but with the help of customer support accessible by the ‘contact us’ option on the official website. Your representative does all the work for you and you must receive the login credentials shortly. Keep the username and password with yourself and use them to log in to the dashboard. 

Wpit18 dashboard 

You have to insert credits by paying before the match, as placing bets after the match commences is out of policy. At the same time, you can converse with other bettors between the matches. 

The dashboard is the primary tool of Wpit18 and is the direct gateway to placing bets. Here, you can find details on every rooster and how well they played previously. The dashboard will also contain other essential data such as several bettors. 

Legality of Wpit18 

Many western countries are against the idea of rooster fighting and overall sabong games. There are two main reasons for the same, first is the involvement of animal cruelty, and second, laws that ban things like gambling and betting. Many countries that have regulations against animal cruelty are never going to accept the idea of rooster fighting. Depending on the country, the website may or may not be banned. 

Features of Wpit18 

  • The live-streaming option is available.
  • Easy transaction and short payout duration.
  • The capabilities of roosters are

transparent with details shown in the dashboard.

  • Enables users to chat with other bettors. 

Advantages of Wpit18

  • Withdrawal time is credible.
  • The dashboard is built with a friendly interface.
  • Those interested in rooster fighting matches but unable to conduct any due to laws against it can access online sabong games in Wpit18.

Disadvantages of Wpit18

  • Prohibited in a few countries
  • Roosters that take part end up dying or some even deeply injured
  • Involvement of animal cruelty.


Placing bets is a personal choice, and you can earn a good amount simply by predicting the winning rooster. Wpit18 happens to be the best site to place wagers on, that is if you are interested in online betting. Rooster fighting streamed on the website takes place in real life, too. 

The idea of the website might not get huge support but is a regulated one and legit. Anyone can place bets on Wpit18, provided the eligibility criteria are up to the mark. Most importantly, Wpit18 is safe and data is highly encrypted.

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