Security Cameras: All You Need To Know About Where To Place Them

The possibility of a break-in may not be the first concern you have right now. It should be, though. With crime rates being what they are in cities like Gold Coast, it’s imperative to protect yourself against such scenarios.

The right way to do that is to hire contractors who install security cameras in Gold Coast. That would deter any criminals looking to break into your property. Even if they do break in, footage from the camera will ensure a swift arrest and the return of any stolen property.

But before you start looking online to decide on your budget, there are some things to consider. To help you with the same, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

Which places should be prioritised when installing a security camera?

While it’s best to get maximum coverage, that’s not always possible due to property layouts. However, you can still cover a lot of areas with 4 to 5 cameras if you place them right. Keep reading to know more about which places to pick for your security cameras.

  1. Entrances

Burglars aren’t the most intelligent kind of people. Often, they pick the most obvious routes of entry. The front and back entrances will be good enough for them. So, place the cameras above or near those specific doors. 

A good idea is to keep the camera high up to prevent any possible way of tampering with them.

  1. Isolated or non-street facing windows

Windows that do not face the street or are in an isolated part of the property can be prime targets for burglars. Owing to how these routes don’t attract much attention, most criminals often use them to scope out a location.

Install a camera that faces those windows. Usually, people make the mistake of placing the cameras outside the windows. That doesn’t help. You ensure more coverage if you secure a camera that captures the area leading up to the window. 

Additionally, it is possible for a burglar to notice the camera while attempting to open the window. That, alone, may be enough to scare them off.

  1. Garages and driveways

In many scenarios, driveways and garages serve as points of entry. A potential robber may circumvent your front entrance and instead walk through your driveway and enter through the garage doors. 

Placing security cameras near those places can help detect any criminal activity. Ideally, you should install cameras in both the exterior and interior parts of the garage. 

  1. Common interior areas

In case somebody has already broken into your property, they will usually go through the common interior areas. These include living rooms, office spaces, and storage or inventory rooms. Consider installing a camera in each of those areas.

Additionally, ensure that the cameras placed are covered and hidden well. If it’s a workplace, it would be best to inform all the employees. 

Some other things to consider

Besides the camera locations, you need to consider a few other things. For instance, when installing a camera in your house, consider contacting previous owners to know about any past break-ins.

For cameras placed on the property’s exterior, ensure they are protected from the weather and have good signal strength.

Wrapping up

In the last decade, Australia has consistently ranked amongst the top countries in terms of break-ins. That’s not a good list to be on. Safe city survey in the city of Gold Coast works in partnership with the Police service to help create a safe town, reports from 2021.

If you haven’t yet considered approaching contractors who install security cameras in Gold Coast, it’s high time you do. Complete protection, after all, is only possible when you are aware of all that happens in the vicinity of your property.


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