How To Choose A Quality Sweatshirt

Sportswear is an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Previously, such models were worn exclusively by athletes, but now they are used to create various images of a free style.


There are two options for sports sweaters – with a zipper or deaf, which are worn over the head. Less common option on the buttons. All three options are convenient, choosing the best is a matter of personal preference. Sports sweatshirts of a free silhouette are usually called sweatshirts.

One of the options for a sweatshirt is a sweatshirt. These are models without fasteners, sewn from knitted fabric. The mouth, a bottom of a product and sleeves are trimmed with a knitted elastic band. Sweatshirts are often decorated with a variety of prints. They can be funny or just original. Especially popular among young people are models decorated with realistic drawings with a 3D effect.

Another variety is called backwood hoodie. A distinctive feature of this particular option is the presence of a hood. A hoodie can be sewn with a zipper or have a closed front. The fastener on a sports jacket does not have to be through, it can only reach the middle of the chest.

The presence of a large patch pocket in the shape of a trapezoid on the front of the sweatshirt makes the model even more convenient. Such a jacket is often called a “kangaroo”.

A popular type of sports jacket is a bomber jacket. This model is made of knitted fabric with buttons or a zipper. Models are often decorated with bright emblems and inscriptions.

Warm sweatshirts may well replace outerwear. Sew such sweaters from fleece or velor. Some models have an additional faux fur lining. Such an insulated jacket warms very well, it can be worn instead of a jacket in the cold season.

The youth model is an elongated sweatshirt-mantle. This model is always made with a hood and does not have fasteners. Most often, mantles are sewn from black knitwear.

But no less relevant are the images in which sports sweaters are used to complement casual bows. And this means that with sweatshirts you can combine with jeans, shorts, chinos.

Over the sweatshirt, you can wear a jacket – denim or quilted, instead of a jacket, you can wear a vest.

What is a bomber?

Bomber – or bomber jacket was originally produced as a uniform for pilots. Gradually, she lost the value of military equipment and entered into everyday use.

            This outerwear has a number of features including:

  • Tight cuffs on the sleeves
  • The presence of elastic bands on the collar and bottom
  • Length is shortened
  • Convenient side pockets
  • Stand collar
  • The presence of a fastener is mandatory, it can be both a zipper and fasteners

This zipped knitted garment never has a hood. A bomber jacket differs from a sweatshirt in that the former is always thinner than the latter.

            Initially, bombers were sewn with a lining in bright orange tones. If the pilot had an accident and remained alive, then they could easily find him, since in such situations he turned the bomber jacket with the bright side outward and put it on like that.

Suede, knitwear, and jacket fabric are used to make modern bomber jackets. 

What fabric to choose a sweatshirt?


Among all natural fabrics, cotton has the best characteristics. Namely:

  • Naturalness and hypoallergenicity
  • Absorption of moisture (water, sweat)
  • Breathability that does not allow the skin to sweat
  • Possibility of mixing with other fabrics

In cotton clothes, a man can comfortably go in for sports, both in the summer heat and in the cool autumn season. In addition, the fabric perfectly keeps its shape, has high wear resistance.


The stereotype that synthetics are a material harmful to the skin has long been broken. Thanks to the right combination of fabrics and the processing of innovative technologies, fabrics such as polyester boast the following characteristics:

  • Does not wrinkle
  • Passes air
  • Retains its original color
  • Does not sit down
  • Perfectly takes the shape of the body

As a rule, polyester is added to other fabrics to increase the strength and elasticity of the materials.


Another synthetic fabric added to other fabrics to create trendy tracksuits. Its main advantages lie in several characteristics:

  • Stretches well
  • Quickly returns to its original form
  • Increases the wear resistance of other fabrics
  • Improves the color qualities of other materials


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