A comprehensive guide to safe drinking practices

These days, drinking alcohol has become so common as people enjoy having a glass of wine at the end of an exhausting day. Some individuals relish a cocktail party with their friends, but you need to understand that alcohol is not just a social lubricant.

It is one of the most popular drugs globally, and being healthy while drinking is not that easy. However, a few considerations allow individuals to drink alcohol safely, and the risks will be lesser. You can follow several ways to follow safe drinking practices.

Firstly, you can minimise liquor drinking by consuming it occasionally. You can prefer drinking red wine, tequila, and whiskey as they are healthier than other alcoholic beverages on the market. Similarly, you can use several tips specified below to drink cautiously.

Eat before you drink

Alcohol enters your bloodstream via the small intestine and stomach. Drinking on an empty stomach will make alcohol enter your bloodstream faster than usual. 

An individual swiftly feels the drinking effects, and it will be harder to manage the drinking. If you are hungry during the drinking session, you might have fried foods that are bad for your health. It is better to have a meal rich in fibre and protein. Order a meal and eat enough until you feel full.   

Know how much alcohol consumption is okay

You can live a healthy lifestyle without quitting drinking. It all starts with educating yourself about the effects alcohol has on the human body. As per the Australian Guidelines, minimise your drinking sessions and ensure you don’t drink more than ten times a week. 

Usually, drinks contain 10 grams of alcohol, and the body takes one hour to process the exact amount of alcohol in drinks. However, several factors like sex, age and weight can make you feel the effects of drinking sooner or later.

Keep count

When considering safe drinking practices, it is essential to consume liquor in moderation. For women, 4+ drinks in a sitting are considered binge-drinking and men shouldn’t go beyond five if they desire to drink safely. Experts suggest one drink per day for both men and women. When it comes to a beer, a can or bottle would be better. You can consume up to 100ml of wine or 30ml of spirits. If you drink occasionally, set the restrictions and tag along with it. Finish your drink before topping up the glass.  

Go for healthy drinking alternatives

As specified earlier, you can opt for alcoholic beverages like red wine, champagne, vodka soda, wine spritzer, dry champagne, hard kombucha, light beers, and tequila. These are healthier alternatives, and some of them have several benefits

For instance, light to moderate tequila consumption can reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and Ischemic stroke. This type of alcohol has less sugar when compared to other drinks and is considered a healthier option. When combining it with other ingredients, check the whole drink’s nutrition.

Wrapping up

Alcohol consumption is the nitty-gritty on special occasions like birthday parties, wedding showers and more. Whether you drink occasionally or have set daily limits, you must choose healthier alternatives. Little to moderate liquor consumption can also help individuals to live a healthy lifestyle. Say no to alcohol if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, planning to have a baby, or under 18. You will find the best drinks in online liquor stores, so buy premium drinks to relish the day with friends.


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