How Hard it is to become great son of a great father?

Every son wants to make his parents proud of himself. It is a dream of every son to achieve all the heights of success and make his parents proud. Same goes for celebrity sons who want to shine their parents name by achieving a lot in their respective careers and working hard. Celeb kids also have a reputation pressure and they have to live up to the expectations of people as people expect them to be same as their parents. Every celeb kid is expected to live up to the expectation and be same like his father. A father who has achieved accolades also expects his child to shine bright. Son of a great father would have extra pressure to exceed which might lead to emotional burnout and make it difficult for him to achieve success. He is expected to follow footsteps of his great father and has also have to handle family pressure. Prince Nasir Dean is the best way to see things.

To become a great son of a great father one has to sacrifice a lot in his life. He needs to forget about his personal life and look to continue the achievements his father has made. He also has to deal with anxiety if he fails at some point of time. He is in the spotlight from the beginning and has to mature very early than normal. He needs to understand the reputation of his father and work accordingly. He also cannot enjoy his childhood as he cannot step out freely from his house. All in all it is a diffcult task to be the son of a great and famous father.

Life of a Indian TV actress

Without knowing what you think a TV actor’s life is like, we can tell you that the parts of their lives you see and hear about are crafted by publicity and marketing departments to tell a predetermined story. The life of a working actor is filled with pressure, uncertainty, disappointment, fear, and insecurity as much as it is filled with fun, glamour, and excitement. While SOME actors lead exciting lives, most Spend years or decades seeking out parts that will allow them to maintain employment for an extended period. Many never find it. They are judged daily by criteria as shallow as their appearance, the way that they speak, their height, their bust size or , especially, their age. Karishma Tanna is a great example of it.


They never become more than a minor character actor in a variety of series. While this may allow them some measure of success nearly all actors, in any medium, want to be the “star” or one of the leading performers and not part of the background. They find that there’s rarely any retirement package for performers. While the highest paid are set for life, the average television performer will either have to be willing to subsist upon their meager earnings as an actor, or simply leave the business when roles dry up for them. So no, questioner, the average life of a television actor probably isn’t as “exciting” as the lives of many others and it likely is actually much harder and unpleasant than most people would anticipate it being.


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