How Nomad Internet is Innovating Internet Delivery and Technical Support

Since launching in 2017, Nomad Internet has provided high-speed, secure wireless internet to rural communities nationwide by directly transmitting wireless, eliminating the need for traditional internet wires. Because the company views internet access as a human right, they constantly work to increase the nationwide reach while finding innovative new tech solutions to pressing concerns.

As Nomad Internet’s Technical Support Manager Don Chatham explains, his team works constantly because “The customers need the answers done.” And that is the goal every team member keeps in mind as the Internet Service Provider (ISP) brings new products to market, and keeps them working for a vast and dispersed customer base.

Innovative Tech that Really Works

As Nomad Internet expanded its focus from RV parks to rural communities, the ISP brought a slew of new modems to the market. Having recently become the first provider to use a residential C-band delivery system, Nomad Internet has now upgraded its hardware, offering customers options like the Cube, that can support streaming, gaming and all the daily connectivity necessities…all at the same time!

Now, more complex delivery systems often require more technical support solutions. Luckily, Chatham is up to the challenge, given his background in “avionics, microwave energy, tower structure [and] modems.” Even better? Like Nomad Internet CEO Robyn Weber, Chatham was a customer before joining the team.  He explains, “When I was just a customer, I was four or five miles away from civilization. All the phone lines stopped … All the internet stopped, all the ISDN lines, everything stopped. So I needed a solution at the time and Nomad was it. When I started using Nomad, it gave me the internet that I didn’t have before.”

Then, he notes, “I did my own maintenance. It gave me a background on not only the company but on the equipment that the company uses. So whenever I get into a troubleshooting issue with a customer, I’ve been there.” As such, when he was given the opportunity to join the Nomad Internet team in January of 2023, he says, “That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and help the company continue to grow and continue to get better at doing that.”

Pushing Forward with Warmth and Understanding

With every new technical advancement, Chatham recognizes that Nomad Internet’s customers may face initial adaptation struggles. But that, says Chatham, is where his unique background as an expert and a client comes in handy. “Everybody’s got a skillset and I understand that a lot of these customers don’t have the skillset that I have. So I try to avoid talking down to them. We want to give them a path to get a solution for their modems and get them back online as fast and as easy as possible.”

To that end, he jokes, he’s got, “1,800 websites open at one time.” In all seriousness, Chatham says, “I read continuously on upkeep on technology. So I’m pretty much the eyes and the ears of the company when it comes to technical.”

Yet, in spite of his laser focus on technical support, Chatham is even more excited about Nomad Internet’s new, more intense focus on meeting the needs of individuals. He says the ISP is “streamlining the processes and developing the tools to get the customers’ issues solved quicker.” With these upgrades, he notes, his support team can be “more responsive to [customers] needs.” Moving forward, he says, “I’m excited to be a part of a tech team that can reach out [via] email, reach out [via] chat, reach out [via] live stuff on the website and pick up the phone and be able to call [customers] in real time and get the information they need in real time.” With these new support capabilities, he says, the Nomad Internet team can now “repair their issue, fix their problems, and move them forward in enjoying their internet.”  That, says Chatham, is “what excites me the most.”

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