A Superbly Useful Tool for Keeping Your Home in Top Condition

Regular upkeep is ideal, but many homeowners procrastinate and end up finding themselves not doing anything. 

Maintaining your home not only helps boost the value of your property but also extends the lifespan of the structural parts of your home, inside and out, reducing the risk of significant damage and costly repairs. 

Routine home maintenance does not have to be tough. You can even turn some simple tasks into habits or consider hiring professionals to do the job for you. 

If you ever feel guilty about putting off your routine home maintenance, now is a great time to get started and turn that guilt into action. Residental Dumpster rental can help your home keep clean with services from GoVaVia.

  • Inspect Plumbing System

Regular plumbing system inspection is a must in your home maintenance checklist. Perform a visual inspection to look for signs of damage, like:

  • Discolouration of metal pipes
  • Cracks and crimping of PEX, plastic, or polymer parts
  • Deposits or rust-like buildup on pipes
  • Unpleasant odours coming from drains
  • Stains or water damage
  • Sewer odour
  • Sluggish drains
  • Weird sounds coming from the faucets

If you notice any of these plumbing issues, be sure to replace damaged parts or contact a certified plumber for assistance. For instance, a septic repair in Sleswick not only prevents a major wastewater backup but also saves you and your family from health hazards. 

  • Regular HVAC Maintenance

Annual maintenance on your heating and cooling system in your Winnipeg home ensures fewer repairs in the future. While you can easily replace or clean dirty filters, a professional HVAC technician can detect minor issues before they require costly repairs. 

Also, it also enables the HVAC technician to replace damaged or worn-out parts that could result in major issues later down the road. Keeping your HVAC system in top condition means extending its lifespan up to 10 to 15 years. 

  • Look for Potential Signs of Pest Infestations

Pests can attack your home without you knowing. It is a good practice to look for potential signs of pest infestation to protect the structure of your home. Pests not only cause unseen significant damage to your home or furniture, but they can also carry diseases that pose health risks, which should be dealt with immediately through pest control in Toronto

  • Clean Humid Areas in Your Home

Damp and high-moisture areas, such as your showers and bathroom, are thriving environments for mould or mildew, and pests, especially if you do not have appropriate ventilation. That is why it is crucial to regularly scrub your bathroom tiles and grout using your preferred cleaning products

Be certain to read the package for instructions and have adequate ventilation when cleaning.

Check fixtures and pipes in the bathroom and toilet for any signs of leaks or anything that could indicate corrosion. Also, inspect the caulking around the showers, sinks, bathtubs, and toilet bases to prevent the entry of pests. Make repairs whenever necessary. 

  • Inspect Fire and Security Devices 

Taking precautions ensures the safety of our home. Make sure you have fire protection and security devices on hand in case of a storm or other events that can cause a power outage. Make it a habit to check the security system to ensure its proper function. Test the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries when needed. Also, be sure to inspect the expiration date on the fire extinguishers to ensure they work properly in case of an emergency. 

  • Maintain Your Kitchen and Appliances

Many people spend most of their time in their kitchen. Spilled food and liquids from prepping, cooking, and serving meals, can eventually cause damage on your countertops and floors. Wipe cabinets thoroughly and throw away expired items from your panty every month. 

When cleaning the dishwasher, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure its safety and condition. Also,  be sure to change the refrigerator water filters as necessary. For refrigerators with an ice machine or water dispenser, inspect the hose located between the wall and the refrigerator for signs of damage, such leaking or wear and tear. 


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