Bolt Action: The Best Way To Start A Miniature Wargaming Collection

Miniature wargaming is one of the oldest board games. There are, however, a number of different versions that are currently available in stores. How do you know which one to choose? This guide will help you to make your decision.


If you’re looking to get into miniature wargaming, one of the best ways to start is by buying a few basic models. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on models, you may want to try using bolt-action guns. Bolt action guns are simple to operate and can be fired quickly, which makes them perfect for miniature wargaming.


Bolt Action is a great way to get started with miniature wargaming. It’s easy to learn and play, making it perfect for beginners. Here are some tips on how to get started with a bolt action game:

1. Start with a basic rule set. There are many available, and you can find them online or at your local gaming store.

2. Get figures. The more figures you have, the more fun you can have playing the game. There are a variety of different manufacturers and styles of figures available, so find one that interests you and start collecting!

3. Play skirmishes. Skirmishes are great ways to test out your strategy and see how your figures perform in battle. They’re also a lot of fun!

Types of miniature games

There are a few different types of miniature games that you can play. The most popular type is wargaming, which is a battle simulation using small figures on a tabletop. There are many different ways to play miniature games, including miniatures, roleplaying games, and skirmishes. 

If you’re new to the hobby, the best way to start is by choosing a game that you’re interested in. Once you’ve chosen a game, you need to figure out what type of miniature figures you’ll need. There are many different manufacturers of miniature figures, so it can be hard to decide which ones to buy. 

The next step is to find a place to play your game. You can either buy or borrow miniatures from friends or online stores. It’s also possible to find miniature gaming systems, such as Warhammer 40K, at conventions or in stores.

How to start a collection?

Starting a miniature wargaming collection can be intimidating, but with a little bit of knowledge and effort, it’s easy to get started. In this article, we will discuss the best way to start a miniature wargaming collection and offer some tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible.

Before you start collecting miniatures, it is important to decide why you want to do so. If you only want to play Historical Wargames, then focusing your collection on those types of figures may be the best course of action.

However, if you also enjoy playing Modern War Games (MWGs), then collecting figures from that genre may be more fun for you. The point is that if you aren’t sure what type of games you want to play, then it is probably best to start with something that appeals to you more generally and build your collection around that instead of trying to fit everything into one specific category.

Once you have decided what kind of miniature wargame you would like to play, the next step is finding a few suitable models. This can be done in a number of ways: by doing online research, by visiting hobby stores or by asking friends if they have any

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How to build a terrain

Bolt Action can be a great way to start your miniature wargaming collection. There are plenty of models and terrain available online, or you can build your own. Here are four tips for getting started:

1. Start with a small scale. When you first start playing miniature wargames, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the different models and terrain out there. Instead, start with a smaller scale and gradually build up. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what you want and won’t end up spending money on something you won’t use.

2. Choose wisely. When choosing which models to buy, it’s important to think about what you’ll use them for. Some models are designed for close combat while others are better for ranged combat. Decide which type of miniature wargaming you want to get into before shopping for models.

3. Seek out deals. It can be tempting to buy everything at once, but that’s not always the best strategy. Sometimes the best deals can be found by searching for vendors that sell used or discontinued models.

4. Consider subscription services. Many model companies offer subscription services that can be beneficial for you financially.

Where Do I Find Miniatures?

If you’re just starting out in miniature wargaming, one of the best places to start is with a small collection of pre-assembled models. Many hobby stores and online retailers offer starter kits that include figures and terrain, making it easy to jump into the game. However, if you’re looking for more individualized miniatures, there are a few other places to look. 

One option is to find used or “thrift” miniatures at local game stores or conventions. eBay can also be a valuable source for finding miniature pieces at bargain prices. And finally, if you have a creative streak, you can always design and sculpt your own figures using traditional modeling techniques.

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