Bogusbraxtor Unleashes a Florida Fake Id Card

Bogusbraxtor is a big name in the fake ID card-making industry in the US. However, the company has grown its horizon to include Australia and the United Kingdom. Nonetheless, the company has only been in the market for five years. Nevertheless, it has taken energy, effort, and commitment to grow the popularity of the heights. Bogusbraxtor has unleashed a Florida fake ID card product. Many fake ID card makers shun Florida from the complexities of their state identity cards. 

However, Bogusbraxtor has gathered enough information on the state’s original cards and is now doing the best fake id for Florida. The Bogusbraxtor fake florida drivers license have been developed through the magnification of the original state driving licenses. Therefore, the process amplifies every security detail without missing anything. Moreover, to be sure, the company tries its products through several third parties. Therefore, before it unleashes the products, it is sure to beat the market standards in quality and reliability. 

The following are the common security details found in the Bogusbraxtor fake Florida identity cards.

  1. Scanable magnetic stripes and 2D barcodes

First, the scannable magnetic stripes and the barcodes are requirements for the US state identity cards. Therefore the first check security officers do on the cards is scan the card. It is nabbed as a fake id card if it fails to read. However, Bogusbraxtor fake ID cards are scannable and come with 2D barcodes, as found in the Florida state id cards. Therefore clients are sure that the cards would pass even the stringiest security scans at the roadblock and the bouncer stops. 

  1. Microprint

Microprint is another common security feature in most state identity cards. These are miniature texts that can only be viewed under magnification. Therefore, the Florida fake ID cards come with microprint which can be viewed under magnification. Most fake ID cards that miss this prominent feature risk being nabbed quickly by security checks.

  1. Optical variable ink

Most of the state ID cards is printed with optically variable ink. Therefore when the cards are moved back and forth, the ink changes color and reflects. These are among the physical identification checks done by security officers every time they vet id for fake ID cards.

  1. Optical variable ghost image

The Bogusbraxtor fake ID cards come with an optical varied ghost image of the cardholder. The ghost image comes next to the real cardholder image. It can only be viewed when tilting the card back and forth. It is a silent security feature that every security officer will check in every ID card even when they don’t intend to proceed with further checks.

  1. Ultraviolet light

Basifies the varied optical ink, the ultraviolet ink is used on the front page of the card. However, the ink cans only are viewed under UV light. A fake id card that misses this important security feature can never pass strict security checks. 

  1. Multiple laser image 

This is a technology that allows two images to occupy a single space. Therefore, the multiple laser images will enable the ghost and real images to be nearly in the same place on the card. However, the overlapping images can only be viewed under the special lighting of the card. 

  1. Polycarbonate print 

If the card is printed on the wrong material, it gets nabbed in the first stages of the security check. Polycarbonate is a special material used to print state identity cards. Therefore, Bogusbraxtor ensures that it prints its fake id cards on the right material. The polycarbonate material produces a click of a compact disk when slang at the edges. 


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