Biggest Sports Betting Losses of All Time

It is very rare to hear about the biggest gambling loss in history. The entire world does not like to talk about an epic fiasco. This is understandable. No one wants to seem like a loser. There is information officially from bookmakers who use voice-only numbers. Offices rarely provide information about the biggest bet ever lost in virtual sports betting with 22Bet.

Loss of $26,600

It was a tournament between Uruguay and France. The bookmaker accepted a sum of $26,600 from the player. Subsequently, the opinion was put forward that an amateur was betting. The gambler put on the first ball from the Europeans. This logic of the bettor surprised bookmakers. As a result, Capper lost the bet at one point.

Lost house at the Tottenham – Manchester United match

A total failure of the Tottenham Hotspur fan club marked the 2001-2002 season. A fan made a bet on the victory of the team in the match with Manchester United. As a result, the Red Devils hit the opponent’s goal five times.

The match ended with a score of 3:5. Bettor got into the top ten fails in sports, lost his home and love of football.

2018 Mundial

Information about the biggest gambling loss appears after the largest sports competitions. The current World Cup 2018 was no exception. Several bookmakers have revealed information about the biggest sports failure.

One capper made a bet of $26,000 on express. It promised to be a win. It required only 2 goals from filling the express in the competitions. It was between Germany and opponents from Mexico and the National teams of Brazil-Switzerland.

The matches, as you know, did not go well from the first round. German footballers and Mexicans scored only one goal. Considering that the game was very entertaining for everyone. The bettor could not save his bet.

35,000 podes at a ratio of 1.07

In Barcelona’s home match against Spanish Real Madrid, a bright upset was waiting for everyone. The fan put a little over 35 thousand pounds on the Catalans. The favorites would not lose, so the coefficient for winning was 1.07, for the opponent – 10.0. Barca lost to rivals on the home field with a score of 0:1.

England summed up

During the 1-2 finals in live mode, an unexpected goal by an English football player Trippier occurred. Capper made a deal for $ 32,600 for the victory of the England national team in the actual allotted playing time. At the specified time, England took the initiative on the football field. After that, Croatia repelled the attack and lead to a draw. We know the result. In overtime, England lost to the Croats.

Japan’s loss

There is a lot of information about the biggest gambling losses that are associated with the Japanese. One confident bettor made a bet with a zero handicap. Bettor gave preference to the victory of the Colombian team over Japan. They say it threw the client into a catastrophic shock at the very beginning of the game. An unexpected red card and a well-deserved penalty. Mbc2030 Later, the Colombians evened the score, but in the end, they failed miserably, losing to the Japanese national team. Bettor lost almost $ 39,000.

500,000 euros in the semifinals of the 2010 World Championship

The biggest gambling losses were seen in the semifinals of the 2010 World Cup. A fan lost 500,000 euros. Because of the loss of the German team. The largest bet in the championship’s history was not played because of the defeat of Germany and the winning goal of the Spaniards in the second half.


If you want to get a guaranteed win Play N1 Bet Nigeria. The main thing is to use your bankroll rationally, not to the detriment of your personal and family budget. Gambling losers often make the same mistakes. Stick to a few basic rules.

  1. Put an amount that is not a pity to part with. Each person has a psychological threshold. But we do not recommend putting over 5% of the bank in one event.
  2. Avoid scanty quotes in 1.1-1.2. You will not get a big profit from such bets, and if you lose, you will lose part of the pot.
  3. Analyze the matches and do not rush to bet even on those events that are reinforced concrete. Study the event and make a reasonable bet.

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