How to Select the Right Dog Kennels for Your Canine Companion

Kennels for dogs are more than simply a place to keep Fido safe; they’re an essential part of any responsible pet owner’s arsenal. Knowing how dog kennels work is critical whether you’re a seasoned canine parent or just getting your first dog. From picking the proper one to running it efficiently, this article covers it all regarding kennels for dogs.

The Different Types of Dog Kennels

There is a wide selection of dog kennels, so you can find one that fits your requirements. A few examples of the most popular kinds are as follows:

Wire Dog Crates

These are foldable and functional vents. They’re great for both workouts and long trips.

Plastic Dog Carriers 

These are perfect for safely traveling with your pet, as they are sturdy and accepted by airlines.

Outdoor Kennels

Larger enclosures, often enclosed in chain-link fencing, give your dog a secure place to run around and interact with other dogs.

Indoor Dog Kennels

These indoor kennels are smaller than outside kennels but provide your dog with the same level of safety.

Soft-Sided Dog Crates 

They are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for dogs that have already been crate-trained.

Custom Kennels

If your pet has special requirements or you want a more aesthetically beautiful kennel, a custom-built model may be the best choice.

Benefits of Dog Kennels

Pet owners and their pets have several benefits when kennels are used. These qualities make them a great asset in providing your pet with a safe, comfortable, and easily manageable environment. There are many benefits to keeping dogs in kennels, including:

Safety and Security

Kennels provide your dog with a secure environment, shielding it from threats like vehicles and other animals.

Comfort and Privacy

Dogs have an innate need for security and warmth. Kennels provide a safe and secure area for your pet to unwind and enjoy some alone time.

Aid in Training

Training with an indoor crate aids in housebreaking and learning basic commands. Crates are helpful for training since dogs generally feel more secure in them.

Convenient Travel

A portable crate is a must when taking your dog on the road. They ensure your dog’s safety in the car and make it simpler to follow the hotel’s pet policy.

Temporary Shelter

Kennels provide a secure, temporary home for your dog when you cannot care for them, such as during an emergency or construction.

Choosing the Right Size and Type

The health and happiness of your dog depend on your careful consideration while choosing a kennel. Some essential factors include:

Size Matters

Your dog should have plenty of room to move about and relax. Find the right fit by taking your dog’s length and height measurements.

Consider Your Dog’s Age and Size

Consider acquiring an adjustable crate or saving for a larger one if your puppy outgrows its current one.


Think about why you want a kennel in the first place. To go somewhere, learn something, or keep something in? You can use this information to pick the best kind.


Think about how your dog typically acts. A robust plastic crate may be preferable to a wire kennel for dogs who like to chew.


Choose a crate that folds up small and complies with airline rules if you plan to take your dog on frequent trips.

Crate Training Your Dog

Puppy and older dogs alike can benefit from crate training. It’s useful for housebreaking, stopping disruptive behavior, and giving your dog a secure resting place. To successfully crate-train your dog, follow these steps:

Introduce Gradually

Allow plenty of time for your dog to acclimate to his crate. Begin with shorter times and build up to longer ones.

Use Positive Reinforcement

Give your dog a treat if it goes inside the crate independently and remains quiet. What a difference treats, toys and praise can make!

Create a Positive Association 

Put a soft bed and some toys in the crate to make it more bearable for your pet to spend time inside.

Never Use the Crate for Punishment 

Never use the box as a punishment; instead, link it with pleasant things.

Be Patient

Every dog is different, and crate training is a process. Train with patience and perseverance.

Using a Dog Kennel Safely

Keeping your dog safe in its kennel is your top priority. To make sure your dog stays healthy, consider these suggestions.

Proper Ventilation

Ensure adequate ventilation in the kennel, especially during the warmer months.

Avoid Overcrowding 

Unless your dogs are proven to be great friends, don’t cram them all into one kennel.

Regular Cleaning 

Maintaining a clean and sanitary kennel is essential for your pet’s health.

Secure Latches

Ensure the latches on the cage or kennel are secure and your dog can’t open them.

Remove Collars and Tags 

Remove your dog’s collar and tags before putting them in the crate to avoid any potential snagging.

Traveling with Your Dog in a Kennel

Kennels for dogs are essential for the security of your pet when you’re on the road. Here are some tips to make your trip easier:

Airlines Regulations

Before booking a flight with your dog, understand the airline’s crate size and weight restrictions.

Comfort Items

Bring along some water, a blanket, and some treats so your dog can relax during the trip.

Practice Runs 

Get your dog used to the crate by taking him on a few short drives or a practice flight before you leave.


Put a current and reliable identification tag on your dog’s collar.

Maintaining Your Dog Kennel

A well-maintained kennel is a safe and comfortable space for your dog. For routine upkeep, consider the following:

Clean Regularly: Change the litter box and clean the crate or kennel after your pet uses it.

Inspect for Wear: Crates made of plastic or wire should be inspected regularly for cracks or rust.

Replace Worn Parts: If any of the kennel’s components are broken or missing, you should replace them immediately.

Adjust for Growth: The crate’s dimensions should be changed to accommodate a growing dog.

Final Thoughts

Kennels for dogs are an essential part of being a good pet owner since they provide a secure and pleasant environment for your dog. You can get the most out of your dog’s kennel by picking the right type and size, crate training correctly, and keeping it secure. Don’t think of it as just a kennel; treat it as a haven where your dog can relax, knowing he is loved and cared for. Following this booklet’s instructions lets you keep your dog healthy and happy.


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