Why buy turmeric in Australia?


Turmeric is one of the most popular spices in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. It has a unique flavour that combines sweet and peppery notes with hints of fresh citrus. 

However, turmeric in Australia is also known for its health benefits — especially when it comes to fighting inflammation and boosting digestive function. 

So, if you’ve been thinking about adding turmeric to your diet but don’t know where to start or what products are best for you, this guide will help!

The best turmeric comes from Australia

Australia has the perfect climate for growing turmeric and the best soil for growing it. Australian-grown turmeric is healthier than imported turmeric and is richer in nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin C (which support your immune system).

It is all about the taste

Taste is an essential aspect of any food. Turmeric in Australia has a great taste, and it’s healthier than imported.

The best cuts of the plant

Turmeric is a root that grows in the ground and comes in three main varieties:

  • Curcuma longa (also known as turmeric)
  • Curcuma quadrangularis (also known as Haldi)
  • Curcuma domestica (also known as supermarket turmeric)

Australian-grown turmeric is healthier than imported

Turmeric is a spice that can be used as an alternative to sugar and salt in cooking, making it a popular ingredient in many recipes. The health benefits of turmeric come from the plant’s main component, curcumin. This compound has been shown to help fight inflammation and maintain healthy cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Australian-grown turmeric also contains other beneficial compounds, such as beta-sitosterol (which helps reduce cholesterol) and vitamin C (which aids collagen production). Notably, Australian turmeric does not contain any heavy metals or pesticides in some imported brands due to poor storage conditions during transport between countries or poor manufacturing standards at home!

Our production manages the climate with precision

Australian farmers have much experience growing turmeric. They grow it in the best turmeric climate: a tropical, subtropical climate with warm summers and mild winters. In this region, temperatures rarely drop below 20 degrees Celsius (68° F), making it ideal for growing turmeric and other spices like chilli pepper, ginger, and turmeric powder.

Australian-grown turmeric has a great taste 

Taste is the most critical factor when buying turmeric; Australian-grown turmeric tastes better than imported varieties. As a result, you’ll likely prefer the taste of Australian-grown turmeric over other types.

The reasons behind this are not fully understood yet; however, some commonalities between the two types of turmeric may play a role in determining how well your body processes them:

  • They both come from the same plant (Curcuma longa).
  • Both contain Curcuma acid diterpenoids.


The best turmeric is Australian-grown, and you should look for it in the produce aisle. It’s all about the taste, which can be hard to find when importing from outside Australia. Australian-grown turmeric is the best option for your health, and it’s essential to look for this label in the produce aisle. If you’re looking for a high-quality product that can help with inflammation, joint pain, and more, you should consider taking a turmeric supplement.

It’s important to note that turmeric is not a magic pill, and it won’t solve all of your problems. It’s best used as part of an anti-inflammatory diet, which will help to reduce inflammation in the body. If you’re looking for more information on improving your health, check out this comprehensive list of foods that can help with inflammation.


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