Debugging Playwright Tests on Cloud

We can define app testing as a vital segment of the app development cycle. This is because, due to the complexity of modern apps, bugs, and errors are one of the most common phenomena with them. By properly implementing the test cases and integrating modern technologies like Playwright testing, the app developers can eliminate these errors while substantially boosting the quality of the application. Using automation testing, the application developers can perform the development and testing processes simultaneously. A massive benefit of this step is that it allows the developers to detect and remove the bugs as soon as they appear in the core infrastructure of the app.

By properly implementing debugging, the developers can efficiently troubleshoot the application and eliminate the obstacles. So, we will understand how the app developers can debug the Playwright test cases using a cloud environment. We will also discuss some of the best practices and tips that can help boost the efficiency of this process.

Exploring Test Automation And its Influence Over Playwright Testing

Test automation is the process of eliminating the hassle and resources of maintaining a human testing team for running the test cases. Instead, the system will use a text file to supply a series of predetermined parameters. These parameters will allow the system to emulate multiple human interactions and communicate with the application undergoing the development process. Based on these communications, the system will generate a detailed test report showing the usability and stability of the app.

While using test automation, the app testers can also make changes in the text file to customize the parameters and capabilities according to the requirements of the app development project. The proper implementation of automation testing can boost modern app testing productivity in the following ways:

  • Since automation testing does not involve human developers, it lacks errors that can arise due to human intervention. Moreover, while using automation testing, the system can run the test cases continuously, which is much beyond the capabilities of a human tester.
  • This process will help the developers conduct repetitive test cases, including unit testing, data analysis testing, and regression testing. So, the app developers can use their time to create new features to roll out in a future app update.
  • While using automation testing, the developers can use multiple tools, plugins, libraries, and dependencies that will have a critical role in boosting the efficiency and quality of the app developing environment.
  • The process of automation testing also helps improve the company’s resources and time allocation in the long run. This is because it will help improve the company’s economy by eliminating the expenses of a human testing team.

Coming to Playwright, We can introduce it as an open-source framework that is developed and maintained by Microsoft. Since its initial release in 2020, it has helped improve the app testing industry with the help of its unified execution API. This means that using a single API, Playwright can execute the test cases on multiple browser instances like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many others.

While using the Playwright API, the app developers can also create new automation test cases using the JavaScript programming language. Implementing JavaScript makes it easy for the app developers to transition to the Playwright framework. Using Playwright, the application developers can initiate and execute advanced testing processes like end-to-end testing and headless automation testing. The open-source infrastructure of this framework also allows the developers and testers to access its features without any additional charges.

LambdaTest and How it Executes Playwright Tests on Cloud

LambdaTest is a cloud-based, AI-integrated platform designed for the initiation and execution of Playwright test cases on cloud infrastructure. This cutting-edge testing cloud, LambdaTest, offers access to a staggering array of over 3000 real browsers and operating system combinations through remote servers. It is also possible to run the test cases on multiple emulation and simulation software using this platform. The major advantage of this process is that it helps to improve the dependability and accuracy of the test reports.

We can understand the influence of LambdaTest real device testing cloud over Playwright testing by considering the following features:

  • The LambdaTest real device testing cloud not only provides access to thousands of real devices but also multiple combinations of browsers and operating systems. By integrating parallel testing with the cloud API, the app testers can initiate thousands of these combinations on different machines at the same time.
  • LambdaTest also has multiple legacy devices and older browser versions to guarantee app compatibility for those end users who do not update their software or hardware.
  • Using LambdaTest for Playwright testing, the app developers can run the test cases on more than 50 different browser versions simultaneously.
  • After executing the Playwright test cases, LambdaTest will generate a detailed test report that will not only consist of the test activity logs but also various visual parameters like screenshots and videos. Using this data, the app developers can quickly navigate to the faulty element of the app and perform the required debugging process.
  • LambdaTest also helps to keep a record of all the test cases so that the developers can use them as a reference to avoid those errors in future Playwright debugging steps.
  • LambdaTest provides an extensive support system that consists of over-the-phone support, live chat, and a mailing feature. By implementing all these processes, the testers can gain enough information about all the tools and features available with this cloud platform. LambdaTest also maintains a community for the testers and developers to discuss among themselves.

Debugging Playwright Tests on the Cloud

By executing the Playwright test cases using the LambdaTest API, the application developers can easily debug the test cases using the native features of Playwright.  To further simplify this process, we have mentioned all the required steps for debugging Playwright testing on the LambdaTest cloud:

  • Configuring the Test Environment

Firstly, the developers have to sign up for a new LambdaTest account by navigating to the official website. This process involves following a few on-screen instructions, purchasing the LambdaTest enterprise license to obtain the username and access key, and logging in to the account.

After this, the app developers must install Playwright directly into the local testing environment. For this process, they can either use the npm package installer or yarn. The following code will help in the installation process for Playwright.

  • Creating the Test Cases and Configuring the LambdaTest Environment

Now that the app developers have completed the basic installation process, they can create the Playwright test cases for initiating the automation testing process. For this process, the app developers can choose any test framework like Mocha, Jest and Appium. It is very important to verify the functioning of the test cases in a local environment before importing them to the LambdaTest cloud. A useful tip would be to name the test cases according to their target elements to avoid any confusion in the later execution steps.

Since LambdaTest provides a variety of browser platforms and devices for executing the test cases, the developers must streamline their parameters for the test execution process. The following code snippet will allow the application developers to configure the LambdaTest environment for executing the Playwright test cases.

  • Executing the Test Cases

Now that the app testers have finished all the configuration processes and created the test scripts, it is time to execute the Playwright test script using the LambdaTest API. As soon as the testers click on the run button, LambdaTest will automatically execute the test cases using the cloud infrastructure. It will run the test instances on the browser and operating system combinations mentioned in the test parameter list.

  • Debugging Playwright Tests on LambdaTest Cloud

When the developers encounter any bugs or errors in the Playwright test case, they can use the native diagnostic features of LambdaTest to debug them. Some of the most useful native features of LambdaTest Debugging are as follows:

  • Using the live testing feature of LambdaTest, the developers can interact with the remote browsers in real time. This means the testers can take control of the browser session and perform the debugging process instantaneously.
  • LambdaTest will automatically capture screenshots or videos of the test session. So the developers can go through these visual data to find out the faulty element and its exact location in the core application infrastructure.
  • Using the console logs of LambdaTest, the developers can find valuable diagnostic data for JavaScript errors or any unexpected behavior in the application. LambdaTest maintains dedicated console logs for every browser session that is being initiated in its environment.
  • In case the developers are facing issues with the network responses and requests, they can access the LambdaTest network logs to gain diagnostic data related to it. LambdaTest will store the network blogs in the test analytics step under the automation dashboard.
  • Implementation of Test Reporting

The test reports generated by LambdaTest consist of comprehensive data like logs, screenshots, and the test execution history. By analyzing these reports, the developers can track the progress of the testing efforts and also ensure the functioning of the application as expected.

We would also suggest the developers go through the official documentation of LambdaTest and Playwright. It will provide them with additional information regarding various methods and tools available with this software that might be useful according to their specific project. The official website also has information regarding the troubleshooting steps for commonly known errors that can arise during these steps. This data will be vital for the developers to avoid these obstacles and ensure a smooth testing process.

The Final Verdict

All the debugging steps that we discussed in this article will allow app developers to simplify the process of Playwright testing while working in a cloud environment. We also analyzed how test automation helps boost the productivity of Playwright testing. In this regard, we would advise the application developers to constantly gain more information about all the recent trends and innovations in this segment. This idea will help them to boost the quality of the app, which will, in turn, create a positive image for the company. It is also important to constantly analyze the market to understand the growing requirements of the target audience. This is critical information to customize the apps for a wider audience reach.


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