How to Sell Your Photos Online for Good Profit: A Detailed Guide

For photography enthusiasts, selling photos is one of the most rewarding ways to earn money online. Businesses and advertisers constantly search for high-quality images to combine into their marketing materials. 

If you are passionate about photography, you can milk some extra buck. In this guide for selling photos online for beginners, you will learn the lay of the land about selling images online.

Getting Started…

  • Keep It Original

While it might be tempting to create a product out of what you’ve seen with your eyes, achieving success in stock photography hinges on creating original content. Your goal should be to produce images that capture customers’ attention and set your work apart.

  • Get the Perfect Light

Consider using a flash setup to enhance the visual impact of your photos. When working with a blank backdrop or seamless background, don’t hesitate to experiment with different lighting techniques. Think about lighting the same subject in various ways to achieve the desired effect.

  • Be Regular

Make it a habit to regularly upload fresh photos while upholding a high quality standard. This practice keeps your portfolio current and contributes to your ongoing skill development. Consistently offering new and engaging content can also draw in a larger pool of potential customers, expanding your reach and opportunities.

Building a Strong Portfolio

Selecting the Right Niche: Select a specific subject matter or niche for your photography. While you might do well in common subjects like weddings, fashion editorials, and corporate events, presenting a too-broad portfolio can appear disorganized and unfocused to potential clients or editors.

Editing and enhancing your images: You might have some personal favorites that are technically lacking, while others may be technically sound but lack visual appeal. Although it can be tough to let go of your cherished photos, consider the possibility of improving them using a photo editing tool. This way, you can salvage some of your favorite shots.

Organize your photos: After narrowing down your collection to the cream of the crop, it’s time to arrange them cohesively. Consider having small printouts of your photos, which you can rearrange on a flat surface. You can order them based on mood, color, composition, movement, or a blend of these criteria.

Choosing the Right Online Platforms

Selecting the right platform to sell photos online is crucial, especially if you want to sustain long-term in this field. Here are some platforms you should consider while starting:

Stock photography websites

Shutterstock: Shutterstock gives you access to a vast library of over 200 million photos. Initially, you’ll earn a 15% commission on each sale. Over time, your earnings can increase as you go, allowing you to earn up to 40% on every sale potentially.

Alamy: Its website has an impressive collection of over 160 million photos and videos. Alamy does keep its photographers happy with a significant 50% royalty payment for each photo sold. They also provide opportunities for photographers to collaborate with their partnered agencies, with commission rates ranging from 20% to 40%.

Adobe Stock: Adobe Stock is an appealing platform that offers a generous 33% royalty rate for photos. If you’re also trying your hand at videography, you can earn a 35% royalty for the videos you sell. Moreover, Adobe Stock’s integration with Adobe’s applications enhances the visibility of your photos, increasing the likelihood of them being noticed and chosen by potential buyers.

Print-on-demand platforms

Fine Art America: Fine Art America is one of the largest and most renowned online marketplaces for selling your prints. With over 100,000 photographers already utilizing the platform, it offers many options for potential customers to explore and discover countless pictures.

Printful: Printful offers a broader range of integration options, including the TikTok Shop. If you’re a photographer with a substantial following on TikTok, this opens up a convenient avenue for promoting and selling your photography merchandise by seamlessly linking to your products.

Personal website 

Many photographers concur that selling photographs online through your WordPress website is best. Using the right keywords and SEO practices can attract and build an audience around your products. And you also avoid additional charges associated with third-party stock photo sites and have full control over elements such as creative direction and licensing. 

For instance, with the FooGallery plugin, you can benefit from various features in your gallery like Instant Gallery Previews, Drop Shadow Customization, Drag and Drop Reordering, Built-in Albums, Custom CSS, and much more. 

Wrapping Up:

Photography is an enjoyable hobby, and now you know how to sell photos online, which is a bonus. These platforms for selling photos can provide the recognition your photography truly deserves. As you continue to enhance your photography skills, you’ll likely discover which photos resonate well with buyers, leading to increased sales and greater profits over time.


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