The Trends in Holistic Health and Wellness

Getting healthy and staying so is now arguably an accepted global aim. More people have realized the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and exercise than ever before in human history. This article doesn’t seek to answer why, but rather, what the trends are that you can simply follow and join to promote and ensure a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Weight Training

The use of weights to build muscle and improve bone density in the elderly is a proven fact and, as such, many more people look to include a form of weight training in their regular fitness, health, and wellness regimes. It can be a simple matter of getting a set of dumbbells or kettlebells and then simply working the main muscle groups, like the biceps, shoulders, and chest. Adding some cardiovascular training in the form of running or swimming will ensure that you get an all-over body workout.

Boxercise or a Martial Art

Boxing or martial arts clubs have grown in number and there are even opportunities to access and use virtual trainers or online sessions to learn a fighting/self-defense skill and then practice it. The clubs mentioned above are now available across the globe and offer a range of specific martial arts, from Brazilian Jujitsu to Karate and boxing. Not only is it good to know and be able to defend oneself, but martial arts and exercises, such as Boxercise, are also proven to improve your mental health. Most martial arts are known to be based on the principles of calm and serenity and, therefore, provide the perfect foil for learning self-defense and keeping fit and healthy.

Meditation and Yoga

These activities will have a direct positive effect on your mental health and well-being. Many people also don’t realize that both meditation and yoga can also improve fitness and physical health as you improve breathing and relaxation techniques that serve to assist in muscle recovery and growth. Breathing exercises have become very popular and can be learned quite simply from a range of apps and online social media accounts. Yoga will also allow you to stretch your muscles a little further every day and is the only way to truly increase flexibility, and the addition of proper regulated breathing is the perfect accompaniment.


For your exercise program to be holistic, it is vital to include a continuous form of cardio exercise. Regardless of what you choose, be it walking, jogging, distance running, or indoor rowing and riding, simply commit and include it as part of the health and wellness regime that you’re implementing. Cardio is critical to improving the internal health of organs and specifically the heart and blood systems and functions.

These are the biggest trends in holistic health and wellness and have emerged over the last few years to become some of the biggest earners in the health sector. If you aim to get and stay healthy, then putting together a program that includes the ideas and suggestions discussed above is a clever place to start.


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