Rebuilding: Why is it better than renovation?

Even if you’ve grown out of your current house or have your sights set on a new neighbourhood, the question of whether to remodel or construct remains, while the media’s focus on DIY projects makes it tempting to get swept up in the romanticism of renovation, there are some real advantages to the knock down rebuild specialists alternative.

Does a complete rebuild suit your needs?

Cost of Renovation vs Rebuilding?

It’s easy to be sucked into the fantasy of home remodelling while watching television. However, when you consider everything that goes into a renovation, such as finding materials, demolishing with care, preserving and working around existing structural elements, health considerations like asbestos and mould, and all the things that can go wrong, the romance quickly wears off.

For many individuals, renovating soon becomes a costly, emotionally exhausting, and time-consuming endeavour, so it’s understandable why so many people are now electing to demolish and rebuild. Ultimately, it becomes a sensible decision to demolish an existing house and build a new one because it will likely cost less per square foot than upgrading. It’s also a lot of fun since you can choose all the design aspects like you would in a remodel.

Reduced threat

It’s impossible to foresee the difficulties that lurk beneath the surface of any refurbishment. Knowing all the dangers of an old restoration project’s faulty construction techniques is impossible before you begin. Still, shaky foundations and wiring that must be replaced are just a few examples.

With knock down rebuild specialists, you’ll have a contract and a solid understanding of how long it will take to complete the project. Control and confidence are gained through this method.

The use of less energy.

A new home’s design must consider various factors, including aesthetics, functionality, energy efficiency, and affordability. An ancient house can’t be as efficient even if it’s renovated to the nth degree since people didn’t think about these things when they constructed it. It is common for new houses to be designed to maximise natural light, enable breezes to flow through and cool the home, and have the greatest possible location on the block, all while using energy-efficient materials and building practices. In the long run, this saves you money.

There is a finite amount of time.

Because of the challenges discussed above, no one knows how long it will take to remodel a house, but with a knock-down rebuild, you’ll have a decent sense of how long the project will take right from the start. This expedites your return to your house and protects the sanity of your loved ones.

There will be no compromises.

You may satisfy all your aspirations and desires for a new house in one fell swoop with a new knock-down rebuild. You’ll have the perfect contemporary kitchen, perfectly proportioned rooms, the right room for each family member, and attractive new design components to choose from when you move in. Your new Champion Home will be perfect for you.

Where you are located is important.

The most excellent part of a knock-down rebuild is that it allows you and your family to stay in your current neighbourhood and maintain all your existing acquaintances. There will be less tension and greater intimacy as a result. You’ll be able to live in your ideal location and the home of your dreams.


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