Life of a MMA fighter and An Angry Young Anime Man

Audience loves to see MMA fights but the fighters have to go through several ups and downs in their careers. MMA fight has originated from street fighting with no equipment to safeguard yourselves which can lead to severe fatal injuries. The actual fight and competition is the fun part, but living the disciplined lifestyle and going through the practice and training is where all the injuries occur and sacrifices are made. You need to maintain a strict diet, endure extreme physical conditioning, constant technique improvement, and on top of that, you are punched, slammed, and submitted daily in practice. MMA training is a full time job. Anyone that has a regular job to pay their bills will probably not have enough time and energy to properly prepare for a fight. The fighters you see on TV usually make enough money to at least buy quality food and get enough sleep for the next day of training. Austin Vanderford is indeed a great example of it.

Beginning your career as a MMA fighter is even worse. The unprofessional promoters and prospective opponents is non-stop drama. The big time fighters in the UFC and Strikeforce always have ample notice before a fight. However, at the lower levels, fighters drop out all the time, promoters lie and cheat, and you hardly earn any money. You have to love the sport and embrace the daily grind if you will make it anywhere in the sport. Those that get into MMA for the glamour and girls will eventually have a rude awakening. However, there is no better feeling in the world after your hard work pays off and you get that knockout or submission.


Anger is a strong feeling of being upset or annoyed because of something wrong or bad; the feeling that makes someone want to hurt other people, to shout, etc. Everyone is subject to it, including anime characters. Although our favorite anime persons tend to have reactions that are amusingly extreme. An Angry Young anime man is often short tempered and loses his cool on several occasions. An angry anime will not be able to make good decisions most of the times and lands in trouble him selves. They also teach people to stay active and think twice before taking any action in anger. It can be learnt that whenever we take actions just in the heat of the moment it always backfires. Yasutora Sado can be seen as a major boost to follow.

One such best example of angry young anime character is Jian from the anime series Doaremon. Jian is always angry at Nobita for just small reasons and tries to harm Nobita by partnering up with Sunio. But every time they land themselves in trouble as Nobita has Doraemon by his side and his gadgets always saves him. There are also many such examples of other anime characters who are always angry for something. Anime characters look alike real characters and also teach some valuable lessons to the people watching them by portraying them in the best way.


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