How to Pick the Best Canadian E-juice?

As we become more conscious about our health, more people now prefer vaping to smoking. Using e-cigarettes is generally believed to expose users to fewer risks health-wise than smoking traditional cigarettes. In addition, some people, especially, youths find vaping cooler and more fashionable than smoking.

The good news is that the vaping world offers many options. So, if you want to enjoy vaping and live in Canada, you will want to know how to find the best Canadian e-juice. And to save money, you have to find the best-priced e-juice in Canada. But as you look for a   cheap e-liquid in Canada, you must also ensure you don’t compromise on getting the quality you deserve.

Below are some tips to help you choose the best e-cig liquid in Canada:

Consider your favourite flavour

The beauty of vaping is that it offers vapers so many flavours to choose from. You can be sure there is at least one flavour that will suit you and excite your taste buds.  As you look for the best vape juice in Canada, you may be unsure which one will work for you, especially if you’re a beginner, but you shouldn’t worry too much because you will get something that will tickle your taste buds eventually.

You can seek the help of the assistants if you buy in-store to pick a flavour at the beginning; then, as you go along, you will soon discover what you like the most. If you are a smoker who is working on quitting smoking, you should consider tobacco-flavoured e-liquid to start with. However, if you aren’t an ex-smoker, try to start with familiar palatable flavours and refine your choice as you get more experienced. You will get to settle on a flavour or several in the list of the best canadian e juice from ePuffer.

Check the nicotine percentage

Another thing to consider as you look for the best Canadian e-juice is the level of nicotine it contains. E-liquids come with varying nicotine percentages including zero nicotine to cater to those who like to vape without nicotine. Therefore, if you were not a smoker previously and trying to quit the habit, you probably shouldn’t vape with nicotine lest you become addicted to it.

Conversely, if you’re switching from smoking to vaping, you should consider using e-juice with a nicotine level that will get you close to the same feeling as smoking. You could then go about reducing your nicotine percentage as you get accustomed to using e-cigs until you can vape with nicotine-free vape juices. And the good news is that almost every vape juice flavour has a zero-nicotine option so you can vape without getting hooked on this highly-addictive substance.

Consider your budget

The amount of money you want to spend is a crucial factor when choosing the e-liquid that you will vape. You can find cheap vape juice in Canada that is of your preferred flavour and nicotine strength, so you just need to take time to find what you want that fits your budget. You may also get a great deal if you take advantage of offers and promotions to buy some of the best Canadian e-juices.


Choosing the best e-juice in Canada should not be a daunting task. Some of the things to think about as you pick vape juice include the flavour, nicotine percentage and your budget. Most importantly, buy trusted brands from reputable manufacturers and vendors to get the best quality. 


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