Best proctoring software to secure your online examinations

Remote assignment practices are increasing globally since more institutes, colleges, and enterprises are shifting to the remote evaluation of learners or job applicants. However, efficient proctoring has always been the greatest consideration for the evaluating bodies.

A resilient and tamper-proof online proctoring software is the resolution for online examinations and tests.

What is remote proctoring in examinations?

Remote proctoring is a technology to guarantee examination integrity in digital setups when candidates or students attend an examination virtually. Remote invigilating could consist of multiple measures to keep the assignment fraud-proof.

For instance, a teacher or supervisor monitors all the students through webcams. Other more effectual measures are as follows:

  • Scrutinizing the voice input and output of the student’s device
  • Stopping all website accesses from the examination device
  • Videoing the webcam view and observing the feed later

Progressive remote proctoring tools utilize human and artificial intelligence inputs to make them invincible. 

Remote invigilating tools are extremely helpful to encourage the global adoption of digital and online learning. Since the need for online learning is growing, so do the requirement for authorized online proctoring software for evaluating learners. Find below the list of the best remote proctoring tools fit for any online examination.


Proctortrack is a famous name for invigilating remote examinations. It comes with five distinct types of examination surveillance tools. Hence, it is simple for educational institutes, colleges, test centers, and companies to select the package they require. The students are required to download the Proctortrack software to give the examination after verifying their individuality. The identity verification procedure contains a valid ID, and scanning of the face, and knuckles.

On the other side, the proctors are required to start remote proctoring for the examination from their accounts. Educators also require to set up proctoring constraints to satisfy the required standards. Proctortrack utilizes an artificial intelligence program to process the documented feed and device activity once the examination is concluded. Such processed data automatically occurs on the educator’s dashboard for manual appraisal.

Mercer | Mettl

Mettl from Mercer is another popular name in the area of remote proctoring products and courtesies. It provides proctoring as a service or a test platform along with online proctoring assistance.

Its proctoring software contains artificial intelligence programming and human-based review to beat every probable deceiving tactic during a remote assessment. Below are the proctoring technologies that the tool utilizes:

  • Artificial intelligence-based automatic proctoring
  • Human proctors for high-profile examinations
  • Inspecting a recorded session

In a nutshell, the Mettl proctoring artificial intelligence monitors and flags unusual activities like student ID mismatch, absent students, presence of digital tools, or external human voice. Hence, Artificial intelligence also records such incidents and produces a report for the human auditor.

Talview Proview

Talview Proview proctoring is also an artificial intelligence-based software. The device is recognized for cognitive online proctoring. Many enterprises and businesses utilize this tool for applicant screening through remote examinations. Its automatic proctoring service uses numerous digital means to prevent applicants from dishonest activities during the examination. Its AI flags cruel activities and applicant impersonation in real-time. It also gives a safe browser for exams so that applicants can not resort to any external help materials.

During the examination, the tool promotes live screening randomly and prevents the applicants from taking advantage of the system. Also, a face recognition technique keeps auditing the test giver. Talview also provides human screening in accumulation to artificial intelligence proctoring for extra safety and real-time intervention.


ProctorExam is a completely customizable proctoring tool for Corporate Certification, Higher Education, and language certification. Education Institutes, corporations, or teachers can personalize the proctoring settings at granular levels to satisfy particular examination standards. ProctorExam utilizes both smartphone and computer to provide a 360° view of the test-givers atmosphere. The tool also utilizes microphones and webcams to provide complete safety during online exam sessions.

A test supervisor can let the candidate open a web browser or utilize calculators if they believe it is important. ProctorExam’s programming will automatically factor in such acceptable tools when making a thorough report after the examination. The online proctoring software provides multiple examination monitoring options like live monitoring, recording, and review, and incorporating a learning management system (LMS).


Another popular name in online proctoring is ProctorEdu live proctoring assistance. If your high-stakes exams require live proctoring at scale, you must try this tool. It provides multimedia and remote collaboration technologies so that your supervisors can interfere when required. 

You can allocate a set of proctors for examination events. The software will aimlessly assign proctors to reduce any bias. ProctorEdu’s tool will help the proctor to observe up to 30 candidates and flag any dishonest activities in real time. Proctors can communicate with candidates via chat, audio, and video when students require any clarification.

The software does not require any installation. Moreover, it utilizes the mobile phone of the applicant to produce a 360° view around the applicant. Finally, it also transmits a credibility statement once the examination finishes.


Yet another highly praised proctoring software is MapleLMS. It can help you in observing up to 100,000 students in a single examination setup. It uses progressive proctoring workflows like artificial intelligence-powered monitoring, human-led proctoring, and record & inspection.

MapleLMS starts a Monitor artificial intelligence program during the examination session. Once active, it monitors motion, face, device activities, keyboard activities, and mouse movements. Hence, it can create a clearance report automatically without diverting the test-givers.

It also intermittently gathers data on the student, such as the candidate’s face missing, random facial recognition, multiple faces, hiding the camera, browser activities, etc. On the opposite, the live proctoring procedure depends on resources like live audio, video, and screen activities to preclude students from duplicity.


The software mentioned above provides the best potential features to secure any examination or assessment that you want to conduct online. Now that you know their features and functionalities, it will be simpler to select the best online proctoring software, which could satisfy your institution’s online examination requirements.


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