How To Become A SAP Basis Administrator And What You Need To Know

Since the launch of SAP, most companies have already started implementing it across their businesses. There are different parts in which a business gets divided for it to operate smoothly while satisfying all the needs and demands of its customers. SAP business software is one application built to help businesses solve complex operations consistently without facing any issues with it. One of those many parts of SAP is SAP Basis, known for inherently looking, after all, other SAP-based applications. Hence, if you are one of those SAP aspirants, gathering knowledge about SAP basis administrators would be a giant stride forward. This article has mentioned everything you need to know regarding becoming one of the many SAP essential administrators and many other things.

Table of contents:

·         What is SAP Basis?

·         What is the work of SAP administrators?

·         Tasks and responsibilities of an SAP administrator

·         Some skills an SAP administrator needs to learn·        

. Conclusion

What is SAP Basis?

Every bit of work that SAP does is carried out by its administrative platform, popularly known as SAP Basis. This section of SAP also functions as an operating system that works as the spine of the SAP business to ensure all the operations are done smoothly and professionally. There are many things that SAP looks after once they are integrated into a business.

For example, shipping and logistics, manufacturing, and sales conversion ratio are all taken care of regularly by SAP. However, such large operations need to be protected at all times for the business to run hassle-free, as they all hold great significance in a company. Therefore, the primary purpose of SAP basis is to govern and look after the business from an eagle’s eye.

What is the work of SAP administrators?

The primary work of an SAP administrator is to ensure all the work conducted by SAP is running smoothly without coming together with any problems. If you are one of those looking to become an SAP administrator, your demand in the market is high. Anything you see that pokes you, even a bit suspicious, will be known immediately if you become an SAP administrator yourself. Many tasks are done through SAP that need to be constantly monitored for the sake of business rising in popularity. Moreover, an SAP administrator would be the perfect example for everyone.

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Tasks and responsibilities of an SAP administrator

In this rapid age of automation, SAP basis still needs an administrator to look after its operation to ensure everything happens steadily. Hence, here are some of the tasks and responsibilities that SAP administrators must monitor once they qualify for the job.

·         Proper installation of the SAP database and its side applications

One of the first things an SAP administrator monitors is planning and integrating the SAP database into the business operations. Not installing the SAP database adequately into the business from now on might not be helpful to the company. An SAP administrator ensures the SAP database starts up properly without going through any troubleshooting experience. Moreover, an SAP administrator also helps other business employees learn the techniques needed to customize an SAP database according to their requirements. The modules of the SAP database also form a crucial part of communication which is further monitored by an SAP administrator effectively and efficiently. 

·         Managing SAP operational tasks 

Alongside all the large-scale operations around a business, many side operations are equally crucial to a company. If such side operations are not handled efficiently, then the whole SAP environment might not be helpful to the company. Therefore, an SAP administrator sets up, configures, finds solutions to problems, troubleshoots, and handles many other tasks effectively. There are many additional tasks that such SAP administrators also monitors using their skills and knowledge about the SAP basic platform. 

·         Supporting technically and administratively 

Every business that has incorporated SAP basis into their server must ask for the help of an SAP administrator to support their newly added system effectively. However, support is only one thing that an SAP administrator brings forward, as troubleshooting all the problems outside of the business also falls under its wings. While transporting large data sets, there is always a risk of certain breaches or the data getting lost halfway through the transition. An SAP basis administrator is the solution in such instances as it technically and administratively solves such problems in a fortnight. 

Some skills an SAP administrator needs to learn

Anyone wishing to become a successful SAP administrator in the future must possess some of the skills mentioned in the points below. If you have the skill set to handle the complex operations of SAP Basis, you might avoid facing many problems in navigating through the platform. 

·         Data management 

The first and foremost skill you need to learn as an SAP basis administrator is managing all data-related operations efficiently. As an SAP basis administrator, you need to update, delete or make changes to the database maintained by the company. It would help if you learned how to add information of paramount importance to the company in the correct databases as required. Learning to manage data is necessary for the work of an SAP administrator to be complete.

 ·         Technical skills 

Since you learned about the role of SAP administrator, you must have got a hint that most of your work would be on the technical front. Therefore, you need to acquire the skill in various fortes related to technical skills before you become a full-time SAP administrator. Identifying the underlying issues with your SAP platform by troubleshooting those problems would be one of your basic technical tasks as an SAP administrator. Moreover, you need to oversee the upgrades, installation, and implementation of SAP basis so that it can be smooth due to a particular issue. Additionally, you need to be highly proficient in managing other technical tasks related to databases and operating systems so that they are smoothly operated alongside other applications. 

·         Soft skills 

Till now, you must have thought that SAP administrator’s majority of the work in front of their desks. However, it is different, as SAP administrators also need to communicate and broker deals that benefit them and their companies. 

Without good communication skills, no one could become an efficient SAP administrator, as explaining your demands and their needs should be meaningful. There are many other SAP essential professionals with whom you need to communicate and listen for them to understand the purpose behind using an SAP platform. Therefore, as an SAP administrator, you must juggle technical and soft skills that fall under your business management operations. 

 ·         Being educated enough

If you are educated, then understanding any skills and using them for your benefit would be possible. It would help if you had that power to gather knowledge and make it helpful in learning different skills that could enhance your quality as an SAP administrator.

First of all, you need to belong from an IT or engineering background, as those are the ones that can help you get a better idea about the applications in the SAP database. If you aren’t someone with a computer background, you can also make it as an SAP administrator if you have SAP certifications or have done a course on them. Moreover, it would help if you were confident enough to evolve yourself and learn all the new changes introduced in SAP applications occasionally.

·         Having flexibility

When choosing to become an SAP administrator, you must be flexible enough to handle all the changes that suddenly could be needed in your company database. Moreover, as an SAP administrator, understanding different concepts of the SAP platform would require you to make the necessary changes that could be required in your SAP platform. Switching from different operations while trying to solve a different problem midway will be essential for you to learn as a SAP administrator could be required in any circumstance.

·         Effective organizer

An SAP administrator needs to oversee many crucial activities for the business even though it doesn’t fall under your department. There could be many instances where other employees need help properly managing their tasks. In those circumstances, all the tasks could be completed or sorted out effectively with an SAP administrator’s help.

If everything in your business doesn’t happen in an organized manner, the range of problems could spread to other sections of your business that might have been operating smoothly. Hence, as an SAP basis administrator, you must train yourself to be one of the best SAP platform organizers.


This article might have given you some idea regarding the actual work done by an SAP administrator when SAP Basis integrates into a new business. There are many parts into which an SAP platform is divided, from which SAP basis is said to be one of the crucial ones as it helps the platform stay operational against all the external threats thrown over it. Moreover, the role of an SAP administrator is quite essential as you would be given the status of the head of the SAP platform organization.

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