5 Reasons to Avoid Soy-Based Baby Formula

Pathologies in infants that occur as a result of feeding are not uncommon. Baby food manufacturers have developed a wide range of products that allow parents to choose the proper formula that is ideal for their babies. Soy baby feeding is one of the developments of modern nutrition, which is suitable for children with intolerance to milk protein and lactose. However, there are debates if soy formula is a good solution for kids. 

In any case, soy-based feeding is a therapeutic food. It is prescribed strictly by a pediatrician. After soy formula is introduced to a baby as the main type of nutrition, a doctor monitors all changes. For children who calmly tolerate milk protein, such nutrition isn’t suitable as they will begin to lose weight. If your little one faces any digestive issues, it’s better to switch to a manufacturer with a reliable reputation and clean content than to soy baby food. For example,  European baby formula passes strict regulation control so even the treatment feeding will have minimal harmfulness for the kid’s immature system. 

What’s in the Content of Soy Formula?

Like the usual adapted formula based on animal protein, the infant milk based on soy will contain:

  • balanced vitamin and mineral complex
  • microelements
  • additional nutrients

Of course, the main component is protein, which, unlike the usual formula, in soy is vegetable. It is obtained from soybeans.

The Pros of Soy Formula

Of course, there is an opinion that there are no advantages of using such to feed, however, in some cases, it’s the only way out. It’s a salvation for children with intolerance to lactose. In addition, this type of baby feeding can have an antiviral effect due to the content of phytoestrogens in the composition, which help fight viral diarrhea, so it is classified as medicinal.

The reasons to Give Up on Soy Formula

Speaking about such type of baby product, there are more disadvantages of nutrition than advantages:

  • vegetable protein has a high nutritional value, and its nutritional value is not inferior to proteins of animal origin. But this fact is overshadowed by the lack of vital amino acids. A complete set of necessary substances is found only in animal protein. If a child is initially allergic to cow milk, then it is transferred to goat milk. If an allergy to this product is found, then a soy formula is prescribed. And in case, if the signs of animal protein intolerance disappeared while feeding on soy, then it is better to try to return to regular formula
  • plant origin is not a guarantee of protein hypoallergenic, therefore a kid may have an allergic reaction to it as well
  • the protein component is 1.5 times higher due to poorer digestibility in the gastrointestinal tract than in regular food. It forces manufacturers to increase the content of such trace elements as iron, zinc, calcium, etc.
  • there is no age correspondence in all soy-based formulas – they are always in the age category from 0 to 1 year, which does not always meet the kid’s needs at different stages
  • the absence of lactose does not exclude the presence of other monosaccharides(glucose, fructose, and sucrose). The increased content of sugars (as well as maltodextrin) can cause problems with the tummy (colic, bloating, stool disorder)
  • the content of manganese is exceeded, which can cause the development of hyperactivity 
  • there are no prebiotics and probiotics in the content which are responsible for the correct formation of the work of the entire gastrointestinal tract 

Hypoallergenic Formula

Like any protein, soy protein can cause intolerance in a child. Therefore, a pediatrician prescribes hypoallergenic formula. The ingredients in baby formula are the same but there is hydrolyzed protein to reduce the risk of food allergies and minimize the symptoms.  Hypoallergenic formulas are selected very carefully, based on the presence of hydrolyzate, amino acids, and the absence of lactose.


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