Here’s Why Video Production Tech in the US Benefits Your Business.

Create and captivate. Marketing has never been this exciting.

The Jimmy John Shark picture taps into our fears and fascination with sharks. There’s something both exhilarating and frightening about seeing such a powerful predator up close. Isn’t it right?

Have you ever wondered how you would rather watch a 15-second reel on Instagram multiple times than watch an ad on YouTube for more than 5 seconds?  With social media being at the forefront of the digital marketing revolution, the only way to break through the traffic and noise is through videos that are different, catchy, entertaining, and to the point.

To understand your audience is to create video content that is professional and personalized. Gone are the days when a simple commercial featuring a famous artist could stir up your sales. It is time to get creative and transform the way you communicate.

Video production tech in the US has advanced over the past couple of years, making it easier and more economical for you to revolutionize your marketing campaign. According to Statista, 85% of the US population with internet access consumed video content in 2018. With a single solution to everything you need, from creating your content to scheduling the uploads and tracking the engagement statistics, it can’t get any easier.

Let’s take a closer look at why your business needs video production technology now more than ever:

Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

Search engines are known to adore videos and rank video content much higher than blogs and articles with the same content. Creating simple and quick videos is a better and cheaper way to draw attention to your products and services, and with the advanced video production tech in the US, everything is made easier and more cost-effective.

Better Engagement on Social Media

The statistics show that videos online get shared seven times more than a picture post simply because videos are able to arouse greater emotions whether they are funny, emotional, or informational,

Connect to a Larger Audience

With everyone always browsing on their phones or scrolling through videos for hours every day in search of some entertainment, you are more inclined to draw attention to your brand and connect to a much larger audience with video content online than you are through lengthy posts or even billboards for that matter.

Get Personal With Your Audience

While a blog post or a lengthy caption may seem like the easier way to go, nothing shows your commitment to your customer base more than a personalized video of your team or a social media influencer talking with sincerity and passion about your products and services, offering a little more insight on how it has benefitted them in numerous ways to get noticed.

Be Creative To Stand Out

A creative video does more for your brand than you may realize. Not only do they help you get noticed, but they also help you stand out from your competition in a way where every time the viewer sees or hears something that reminds them of your video, they are reminded of your brand. It is a fun way to generate brand awareness and create customer loyalty.

Get Started Today

Investing in video production tech in the US may be the next best thing for your business. WordStream claims that the amount of video content on the internet over a month in the US is far greater than the amount produced and aired by TV channels over three decades. Accelerate your sales, enhance brand engagement, build brand loyalty and watch your business skyrocket with one simple and affordable move.

This new and renewed form of marketing your brand is your only way to fight through the noise on the internet and create a real impact. The only way to succeed is to adapt to the trends and videos are in trend right now, so what’s stopping you? 


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