Benefits of Essay Writing for Students

Writing in everyday life is done due to the writing habit or love for writing the things in the diary. It includes diary writing, poetry writing, comprehension writing etc. Apart from that, there is some household work for which we prefer to write or note down the things for our reminder. For example, shopping lists, phone messages, reminder notes, work-related tasks etc. The variety of writing tasks is essential to work and home life. Many everyday writing tasks can contribute to the overall quality of individuals’ intellectual and emotional lives. Thus, writing plays an important role in our daily activities. It will be better if we develop the habit of writing from a young age. For that, student life is the best time period to inculcate essay writing skills. Research programs for high school students can be great to gain experience and knowledge in scientific research and related fields. With the right program

How is Essay Writing Useful for Students?

Essay writing is an integral part of students, which begins from Class 1 and continues till Class 12. In smaller classes, when students are small, they are being taught to write 10 lines on topics like myself, my family, my village, my pet animal etc. When students grow up and reach the higher classes, they are taught to express their thoughts with the help of essay writing. The essay can be based on a festival such as Durga Puja Essay, environment, political issues etc. So, in the journey of student life, essay writing plays a crucial role.

Essay writing demonstrates the level of intelligence of a student. It helps to understand the thought process of the students and their capability to think in a diverse way related to a particular topic. Thus, by essay writing, we can check how a student thinks. Is he able to see the different perspectives of a topic, or is he stuck with only one side of the coin? By understanding this, students can be guided in a proper manner so they can become diverse in their thought processes and can observe different perspectives of a topic. This will also help them in making the best decision, and in future, they can become good leaders.

Essay Writing helps to articulate one’s thoughts and ideas. Suppose a student can think in a better way and can analyse a topic from different perspectives, but he is not able to express his thoughts clearly with the help of writing. So, here, it becomes important for students to learn the essay writing process. For which they should read different types of books, newspapers, novels etc., to understand how thoughts are organised and put into a piece of paper. Then, they should practise essay writing on easy topics such as ​​Television Essay. Even writers and journalists are trained in writing skills as it requires a lot of effort. No one can be proficient in essay writing overnight or in one or two weeks.

Building a habit of essay writing develops fast analytical skills and comprehension skills. It gives them a chance to express their attitude, feelings and opinions related to a topic. It increases the vocabulary knowledge of the students, and they start understanding the proper use of grammar. They find the right words to express their thoughts. With the help of essay writing, they start using synonyms so that words do not repeat and the text does not look primitive. Essay writing not only helps in personal life but also helps in academics as well. Students can easily score higher marks in the writing section of the English exam. They can participate in different essay writing competitions conducted at the school and state levels. It will help them to develop their overall personality and fill them with confidence.


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