Android App Reverse Engineering: What Should You Do?

You know android App Reverse Engineering is a general challenge that opens up your Android application to numerous securities susceptibilities. You have resorted on the right post ; in case you are hunting for proven ways to guard Android app against reverse engineering. 

Of course, you can make use of Proguard and there are some other tips too that can help you guard against this. Indeed, you have to do something about it or your app could be the next victim of these threats. The two most discussed and talked about topics these days are security and even privacy. Android applications , like any other piece of code, might easily get targeted, putting your users’ data in risk. In addition, not to miss that your app could be reverse-engineered.

Know about Reverse Engineering

Since it has an open-source nature, Android has a huge following. Although being famous , android has a negative aspect too, namely vulnerabilities. Android provides application developers with a massive benefit that most of the mobile platforms don’t. Since it is open-source, developers as well as reverse engineers might efficiently study the source code at the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and even tweak it as they find fit for their needs. In brief , Reverse engineering is a method that gets used by engineers to re-obtain source code to reconstruct a program, construct something comparable to it, find a fault in an application, or enhance its security. You know a few of the the technological as well as business consequences of reverse engineering can be discussed below:

Technical Influence

An attacker or hacker might easily use reverse engineering to hack the Android app. Here are a few of the many crucial data assets they can attain access to:

  • Attacks on backend systems might be performed 
  • Cryptographic constants and ciphers might get revealed
  • They can easily reveal backend server data 
  • Intellectual property might get stolen using this method
  • Attackers might get the data required to make the last code alterations 

Quick business Inferences

Reverse engineering has endless different business inferences. Have a look at some examples here:

  • Theft of crucial personal information
  • Identity theft tarnishes or stains your reputation
  • Backend systems get compromised

 Simple way to know if your Application is susceptible to reverse engineering 

Since there is intrinsic nature of coding, mostly all applications are susceptible to reverse engineering. The majority of present day programming languages encompass a lot of metadata that even can help a coder troubleshoot an application. The point is such a functionality also massively assists an attacker in attaining a better understanding of how the application functions. In case any attacker can perform any of the following, then the specific app would be susceptible to reverse engineering:

  • Recognize the overall elements of a binary’s string table.
  • Carry out cross-functional analysis correctly

Right from the binary, make sure that you prepare a reasonably accurate reproduction of the source code. Though most of the applications are susceptible to reverse engineering, it’s critical to consider the risk’s possible business influence when deciding if to mitigate it.

Main vulnerabilities that exploit your android application 

Cyber Susceptibilities can pose an issue for businesses or organizations in terms of data loss, Insider attacker, sensitive data exposure, and other vulnerabilities. It is not really practical to sort them by harshness, impact, or even frequency of these vulnerabilities. Have a look at few of the main android vulnerabilities along with their ways to mitigate them.

Insufficient Jailbreak or Root Detection.

Data protection as well as encryption measures on the OS get bypassed when any device gets rooted in android or jailbroken for iOS. Once a device gets penetrated, it can run any sort of malicious code, considerably modifying the application logic’s intended function. Mostly , recovery and data forensic programs operate on rooted devices too.

Here the solution would be simple. It is better never to run any application on a jailbroken or even rooted device. At the extreme least, implement some jailbreak detection. Deciding in case a device has got exploited adds another layer of security policy and justifying risk to keep the application data absolutely safe.

Leakage of Server Information  

Data Leakage is an app vulnerability in which sensitive data, like technical details of the app , details of the ecosystem it operates in, and even user data gets exposed. An attacker could make use of the sensitive data to include the target program. It might attack the network it’s hosted and even compromise the app on the network. The sensitive data must be protected using diverse types of encryption techniques. Information leakage can get triggered by the below given circumstances:

  • Unable to annihilate HTML/Script remarks containing sensitive data
  • Wrong or incorrect application or even server setups
  • differences in page replies for legitimate versus invalid contribution.

Here the solution that you can try is simply remove all the unwanted data from server answers that might provide an attacker with any sort of further information related to your network.

Session Expiration

The IDs gets used across the session are expected to get invalidated after just a user sign out of an application. It happens so that other users could not spoof that user and undertake any sort of actions on their behalf in case the server is down to expire the overall session IDs.

Here the solution would be simple. First, make sure that a logout option gets provided in the application is the best practice; second, make sure that once the customers click this button, their session gets correctly invalidated is a second-perfect practice.

Insufficient Authorization or Authentication

Once any application fails to complete necessary authorization checks to guarantee that a client is performing a task or accessing data following the overall security policy, it is even referred to as insufficient authorization.

What a specific user, service, or even application is authorized to perform must properly be enforced through authorization procedures. For example, once a user signs in to a website, this does not really automatically imply that the user has full access to all material and even abilities.

Here the solution would be simple. Wherever practical, make use of a tried-and-true authorization framework that highlights strategy configuration settings over hard-coded type of authentication or authorization tests.


To sum up,  you can check out Proguard android a s a perfect solution for this. Of course you can talk to experts if you find yourself stuck or confused with anything.


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