Why You Need To Recheck Your Car Battery

Car batteries can be durable. An average battery will last you between 3 to 6 years, depending on the weather you expose it to. Its durability means you do not have to spend a lot of time worrying about its condition and functionality. Well, you should.

Considering car batteries rarely demand your attention, there are higher chances that they will malfunction when you least expect them. 

How Often Should You Replace Your Battery?

As highlighted above, you will only often replace your battery if it is completely incapable of holding any charge. However, the type of vehicle you own and the weather conditions you drive under will determine its lifespan. For instance, an electric vehicle’s battery can last as long as 15 years if the weather conditions are favourable.

If you own a gas or a diesel vehicle, you will not have this luxury. Your battery will give you six years at best. Extremely low or high temperatures will drastically affect your battery life. Ensure you frequently consult an approved auto dealer in Jackson, MI, to review the state of your battery.

The Battery Services You Need

Although any auto dealer can dragonize your battery, ensure you choose the right one. Most diagnostics will try to fix the electrical components of the battery, although some will recommend an outright replacement. 

In case you visit an approved auto dealer Jackson, MI, expect the following recommendations: 

  • Basic battery testing
  • Battery cable repair
  • Proper battery installation
  • Battery replacement 

Signs Your Battery Needs Servicing 

Regardless of how careful you are with the battery, there is always a possibility that some components of your car will exert excess electrical demand on your battery, making it malfunction. The following will alert you that your battery is not performing optimally:

Clicking Noice When Igniting

Clicking noise shows that your battery does not provide sufficient power to start the engine. Commonly known as “dead battery”, it occurs when the battery has been underused or when the battery charger is faulty.

You might need to jump-start a few times, but you should consult an auto dealer soonest you can.

Not turning on Completely. 

A battery will need to have power in order to ignite the car. Some power-dependent parts like headlights, radio and dashboard lights will not work even if jump-started if no power is supplied to the system. This is a common way of identifying a faulty battery.

Flickering Headlights

Unlike other major parts in your car, headlights and radio do not require a lot of power. Immediately you notice dimming headlights and radio functionality, consider checking your battery life. In case you reside in Jackson, MI, ensure you consult an approved auto dealer for proper diagnosis.

Battery Terminals’ Corrosion

The acid in the batteries reacts with the terminals. Over some time, you will identify a build-up around both the positive and negative terminals. Sometimes, this build-up extends to the tray itself. While you can occasionally clean that off, corrosion has significant effects on the battery itself, and you might have to replace it.

Ensure you get qualified technicians to diagnose the extent of the corrosion properly. 

Low battery Fluid Levels

Battery fluid transmits power to the vehicle. The higher the fluid levels, the better the power will be transmitted. Insufficient fluids cause extreme straining on the battery, affecting its lifespan. 

A proper auto dealer will definitely top up the fluid to the right levels, and your battery will be safe.

Battery Swelling

This is the easiest way to recognize a faulty battery. Extreme temperatures will make the battery swell, thereby damaging some of its functionalities. 

There are qualified auto dealers in Jackson, MI, who can check the extent of your battery damage. 

Bad Smell

A battery that is in good condition will not have a bad odour around it. However, any leakages will clog around the battery, leaving a bad smell. In case you do not like the smell coming from the battery area, have it checked out. Also be cautious of the “Check Engine” light as it might be indicating an underlying issue in your battery.


A car battery is a sensitive part of the car. Although it hardly demands regular checks, always be proactive to check its health. 


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