What logo designs are trending right now

New Year 2023 was marked by the redesign of the Nokia logo. On one hand, it elicited a mixed reaction, but on the other hand, it led to a tremendous surge of interest in the brand. This example shows that logo design is an essential part of a brand’s visual identity and one of the factors contributing to its popularity.

Logo Nokia

Logo Design Trends 2023: What’s In Vogue Modern logo design trends are constantly evolving. Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the most current trends observed in logo design.

  • Disappearing Elements

This technique was precisely used in creating the new Nokia logo. It imparts lightness, originality, and a contemporary look to the logo. Disappearing elements can involve typographic details and objects. Despite the logo’s unusual appearance, it maintains simplicity and readability. What the eye doesn’t see, the imagination fills in, guided by logic.

  • Gradients

Gradients are color transitions from one shade to another. They can be used in logo design to create a dimensional and visually interesting effect. Gradients can also be used to convey a sense of motion or dynamism. This applies not only to typography but also, for instance, the new Nokia identity actively uses gradient backgrounds in various color variations.

  • Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the most popular logo design trends of recent years. It is characterized by clean lines, simple shapes, and the absence of unnecessary details. This style suits any business and allows for creating a logo that attracts attention and is easy to remember.

  • Negative Space Style

The negative space style uses background color to create the logo’s image or shape. It employs negative space to form a unique and memorable logo.

  • Outer and Inner Space

This trend combines and evolves the previous two. Playing with space through the use of fonts and their intersections offers a fresh take on minimalism. Connecting fonts through guiding lines and negative space can create structure and boundaries, providing the logo with a foundation, a core, or even an interesting new direction.

  • Overlapping Design Elements

This logo design trend allows for overlaying multiple elements on top of each other to achieve a dynamic effect. Each detail is self-sufficient yet interconnected, forming a cohesive logo. The overlay trend works particularly well with geometric shapes and stylized images.

  • Doodles and Sketches

Appealingly imperfect, these logos look as though they were drawn by a child. This style draws inspiration from the graphic design of the 90s.

  • Font Assortment

This trend in textual logos has gained momentum thanks to refreshing standard business logos with different font styles. Mixing and matching various text styles play with design possibilities and reject uniformity and strict lines.

  • Mascot Logos

Animated forms – characters, graphic elements, texts – become part of the logo, acting as a brand mascot.

  • Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes, such as circles, triangles, and squares, can be used to create a recognizable logo. This style is suitable for companies aiming to express simplicity and clarity.

  • Handmade Style

The handmade style creates a feeling that the logo was crafted by hand. It features handwritten fonts, drawn icons, and imperfect lines. This style can be used to create a unique logo that stands out among competitors with its soulfulness and humanity.

  • Techno Style

The techno style uses modern technologies and elements in logo design. It is characterized by geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and futuristic fonts. This style suits companies aiming to emphasize their modernity and innovation.

Where to Order a Logo: Design, Redesign, and Creation from Scratch Logo design is a crucial part of brand visual identity. The logo is the first thing potential clients see, so it should be memorable, recognizable, and attractive.

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