What is the CogAT Test? Should your Child Take It?

The CogAT test, short for the Cognitive Abilities test, is a multiple-choice, K 12 test that tests the reasoning skills of students through verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal questions.

The CogAT test is an admission test for gifted programs at school. Students qualify for the gifted programs by scoring certain marks set by the programs.

Out of a total of 160 marks, students mostly score an average of 100 marks. If you’re unsure whether your child should take this test, here are some reasons why they should or should not take CogAT.

1. Yes: They can get into the gifted programs

Whether your child should be a part of their school’s talented and gifted programs or is typically determined by the CogAT test. And if you feel they have what it takes to book a spot in these programs, why not let your child take the exam?

Any school’s gifted program is sure to make your child learn lots of new things and widen their horizon. However, if your child knows they can live up to their potential in a considerably tougher environment, they must go for the CogAT test.

2. Yes: They can get accepted into high school

High schools usually conduct some sort of entrance exam to take in students. That is why you find so many 8th graders working on CogAT test preparation strategies and taking the exam.

It’s common for high to accept all students but reserve some places for CogAT scorers to get into the language arts department.

So if your child is going to enter high school, it’s best to prepare beforehand by asking them to get familiarized with the CogAT exam.

3. Yes: They get to understand exam patterns

Taking different types of exams throughout academic life is inevitable. And if your child starts to get nervous while taking any kind of test, it might indicate that they are not familiar with the whole concept of taking exams.

In order to put less pressure on your little one, you can ask them to take small steps and get familiar with the CogAT test so that the question paper doesn’t feel alien on the exam day. This will also sharpen their cognitive skills and help them understand the different subjects that are required to learn.

4. No: The scores won’t have any effect on the overall result

The CogAT test aims to understand a child’s ability to understand and solve questions beyond the current grade. So, the questions in the test are completely differ from what they will learn in school.

It’s necessary to take many practice tests because studying only within the school curriculum won’t really fetch too many marks. But, most importantly, your child’s school report card won’t be affected by their CogAT test results.

5. No: It puts too much pressure on the child

Many parents feel that taking an extra exam on top of the usual school tests can overwhelm a child. Students can barely keep up with the increasing demands of the school curriculum, and asking them to prepare for a test that is not related to their curriculum will add to the pressure.

Your child might get frustrated, demotivated, or scared of studying altogether. If this is the case for your kid, asking them to keep grinding is not a healthy option.

6. No: Your child is getting all the required education from school

Not everyone has to get into a school’s gifted program, right? Even the usual classrooms provide ample opportunities for a child to learn and experience new things.

While most parents will try their best to get their child into a gifted program, you can also have an equally-clever kid without the tag of a gifted program. Instead, regular school exams and being among their peers will help them score just as well.

Over to you…

In conclusion, there are varying opinions among both parents and children as to whether a student should take the CogAT test or not. But it will ultimately depend on the test-taker and their interest in the various areas of the exam. If your child does plan to appear for it, they must go through practice tests beforehand.

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