The advantages and workings of laser engraving

Laser technology can not only be used for welding, but also for cutting, engraving, and marking with excellent results. By using the laser, it is possible to remove a small amount of material – making an incision – or even to cut through metals of different thicknesses to obtain precise results and particular aesthetic effects in a short time, without risking to damage or deform the different parts of the treated object.

How does laser marking work and what is it?

Laser marking makes use of the laser’s inherent characteristics to produce precise and rapid results: the laser beam is emitted by the marking machine and is conveyed to a small portion of the surface of the object to be engraved, marked or cut. In this case, the ¬†Laser incisione transfers energy to the material constituting the object in the form of heat. An incision is thus made, the depth of which can be adapted to the needs of the patient. It is possible to use the same technique to obtain different types of results as well: if the objective is to mark the object deeply, rather than superficially, we can increase the intensity of the laser beam and extend the laser beam exposure time. Therefore, unlike markings made with other mechanical means, a real excavation can be made which is small in diameter, but still deep.

Finally, it is possible to cut the metal using the same technique by repeatedly passing the laser beam over the same area of the material. In this manner, increasing amounts of material can be removed little by little until a cut has been made.

With a laser, engravings and markings can be highly precise and defined; lasers can be used to achieve thin engravings and to operate on delicate parts of the object, as well as on surfaces that are difficult to reach with traditional engraving tools. The potential of laser engraving, however, does not stop there: the addition of special software to this technology allows for particularly refined aesthetic results. Since the laser beam that hits the metal can be calibrated in order to produce results of this type, it is possible to create bas-reliefs of variable depth as well as changing the color of the starting material through the laser.

Laser marking has many benefits

From an aesthetic point of view, laser marking has countless advantages, since it allows for flawless results. Lasers ensure that objects are engraved or marked precisely and permanently, without leaving any smudges on the incision or abrasions on the treated surfaces. Thus, even precious and delicate objects can be treated without risk of damaging them as a result of obtaining extremely “clean” results, with a high level of resolution.

The undeniable benefit of laser marking is that it reduces processing times dramatically. Laser technology makes it possible to quickly engrave a large number of materials, and if the marking machine is equipped with appropriate software, the productivity of the company that uses it can significantly increase, both in terms of production speed and the variety of process options offered to clients. As a result of the laser’s potential, there are many materials and objects that can be treated, since by using the beam’s power, it is possible to achieve impeccable results even on surfaces that are normally difficult or difficult to engrave. In addition, laser marking ensures long-lasting results: the marked objects are neither corroded nor damaged, and their engraving remains clear and visible as required by regulations defining the quality standards for industrial productions.


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