Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Detect and Eliminate Plagiarism

Plagiarism is one of the biggest sins in the writing world. Whether you are writing for websites, businesses, or your college assignments, you are allowed to make a lot of mistakes but not plagiarise content. That’s why you must check the content for plagiarism before submitting it. Otherwise, you will have to bear the consequences that could ruin your effort, reputation, and career.

Are you worried about how to check plagiarism without spending a lot of your money? If yes, this article can help you find the best ways to locate the instances of plagiarism and remove them in the least time possible. This article is divided into two parts, the first will help you know the easy ways to find plagiarism, and the second will discuss what you can do to eliminate it.

Let’s start!

How to Detect Plagiarism?

Here is a guide for you to check plagiarism in your educational documents. 

Use a Reliable Plagiarism Checker

You cannot detect plagiarism in your content without a plagiarism checker, as personally visiting billions of web pages is almost impossible. Every professional writer should check plagiarism to ensure the uniqueness of the content. Many online plagiarism tools and web-based platforms are available on the internet. 

Choosing one of them is pretty complicated. If you are searching for a reliable tool and don’t know which tool can accurately detect plagiarism, consider using this tool:

The characteristics of a good plagiarism detector should have: 

Have Good Reputation in Seasoned Writers

Experienced and professional writers can help you choose a suitable plagiarism tool. They can guide you in detail about every tool. Not only will they tell you about a tool’s strengths, but they also help you know where they lack. That’s how you can refine your search based on their opinions.

Learn About Reliability

When it comes to the reliability of an online plagiarism checker, you must know whether they are accurate in detecting plagiarism or not. Besides that, you should also ensure that the tool doesn’t copy your content and use it later. Therefore, you should go for it when you are sure about both. Otherwise, don’t ever paste your content into any random plagiarism checker. An unreliable tool can use your content and leave some plagiarised portions unmarked.

Free to Use 

When some free-to-use plagiarism checkers are available in the market, you don’t need to pay to check plagiarism in your content. Usually, some overrated online plagiarism checkers charge a lot of money from users. Spending that money provides only one thing; mental satisfaction as most people check plagiarism online using those tools. 

Coming to the ways to remove plagiarism!

Don’t Ever Copy Others’ Words

The first method of avoiding plagiarism is not to replicate others’ words and always come up with your creativity. For various reasons, some new writers and students don’t want to put effort into developing unique content. You should not be one of them as it will only waste your time and effort, and you won’t gain anything. On the other hand, when you research the topic and write everything yourself, you avoid plagiarism and develop your knowledge and writing skills.

Develop Your Writing Style

Mostly those writers copy the content of others who don’t have their style. When you have a unique writing style, you automatically avoid plagiarism. Even if you get the whole idea from others, you can still easily eliminate plagiarism. All you need is to write everything in your unique tone and style. 

Try Rewriting Method

Rewriting the content is one of the best ways to eliminate instances of plagiarism from the content. Even if you copy and paste the entire content and rewrite it before submission, you don’t need to worry about plagiarism. However, while rewriting, you need to have your unique style. 

If you don’t want to rewrite while writing content, you can also rephrase the text after running a plagiarism test on it. It can save a lot of your time as you will only have to alter the text with plagiarism. 

If you are not good at manual rewriting, you have another option; the online article rewriter. Several web-based online rewording tools are available on the internet that you can use for that purpose. They can also remove plagiarism in no time. Those tools replace the words and phrases with synonyms and change the text without modifying the context.

Final Words

When you have to write on a topic, try to research and come up with your own words instead of using others’ work as it cannot develop your name in the industry. This practice can also help you avoid the consequences of plagiarism. After that, you should check for plagiarism to know if there is any accidental or unintentional plagiarism in your text. If there are some duplicated phrases, you can change them and make your content 100% unique.


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