Shouldn’t Children Watch G-Rated Movies?

If you’re a parent with kids, the summer season is traditionally a time when there’s plenty for them to see at the involute. That’s not untrue this summer. Yet if you’re especially seeking a film with a G rating in childrens cinema, you might just be out of luck.

Two years back, out of the more than 600 movies submitted to the Motion Picture Organization, 16 got ranked G, the most in a year. In 2014, even if you add up re-releases, just 10 movies obtained rated G. And this year, of the 250 films that have opened up until now, not a solitary one have been rated G. Not one. This is not to suggest there have not been family-friendly movies this year; they’re simply ranked PG.

For example, the Great and Powerful, based on L. Frank Baum’s Wizard of Oz books, all it takes is a little bit of electronic physical violence, as well as a womanising leading guy, for Oz to become a place where parental advice is suggested.

What’s taken place in the G score? Well, let’s begin with what it is. In the words of the Motion Picture Organization, G is for General Audiences, all ages admitted, suggesting there is nothing in style, nudity, language, physical violence, sex, or various other matters that the scores board believes would anger parents whose more youthful children watch the picture.

There was a time, prior to the rankings system started in the 1960s when basically all Hollywood films would have got approved for a G. At that time, to prevent government censorship, the movie studios signed up for the “don’ts and are careful” from the Hays Code, and this was drawn up till 1930.

Amongst its requirements: is that no picture should ever “lower the ethical requirements of those who see it.” The code outlawed sex, nakedness, as well as violence, the mocking of faith, controlled substance use, as well as something that would be great in a G-rated movie today: interracial romance. Likewise prohibited: revenge, lustful kissing, the screening of crimes in enough feature that it may be copied, and obviously, rough language. This last is why Gone with the Wind– the most popular photo ever made– stirred up dispute when Rhett Butler transformed suddenly salty in the reply to the plaintive Scarlett, “Where do I go, what should I do?”

His “Honestly, my dear, I do not provide a damn” was surprising stuff in 1939, although by the period the movie finally designated a ranking in the 1970s, area criteria had relaxed enough that it still got a G.


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