Revealing the Best Patio Design Trends This Coming 2023

2023 is just around the corner; designers and stylish homeowners will roll up their sleeves once again! Since gatherings were limited the past year, everyone missed getting together on their patios. Many opportunities will rekindle life for those party planners in the coming year.

With a newly designed patio, you can throw parties that resonate with your new energy or have a better space to relax with your family. Never go out of style with the following design trends that we will reveal.

Rain or Shine

Weather can be fickle, and we want social events to be safe. So to set up a perfect outdoor space for parties, backyard awnings are to the rescue. 

Awnings are a trend, not just a fad, because they keep improving, and more people put them up. That’s why people are getting more creative about how things look and how well they work.

Many patio cover retractable shade designs now use different textures, colors, and interesting shapes, that work with smooth automation with just one click. Looking up won’t be boring, and reassembling your patio shades won’t be a hassle anymore!

The Anthophiles

Have you ever heard of Filipino slang ‘plantita,’ which directly translates as ‘plaunt’ or plant auntie in English? 

Since more people started gardening because of the pandemic, they can’t give up the hobby anymore! Which is actually good since it improves the environment’s health and curb appeal.

Do some research on the plants you want to put on your patios. Please list your purpose for doing it so you won’t be bothered about the upkeep. Note that plants offer more than looks! They contribute to the energy of both living spaces and species around them.

  • Some gardening trends in 2023 are:
  • Drought-friendly gardens – planting drought-resistant plants
  • Organic Gardening – no dig gardening
  • Successional Planting – planting spring bulbs
  • Vertical Gardens – plant pockets hang up on walls

Lit Sculptures

A piece of outdoor art you choose with care will make you feel at home in your yard. This is a big trend for 2023 since experts have seen that more and more people are interested in putting art and lighting outdoors.

Putting up a beautiful sculpture has a lot of incredible effects. Usually, its purpose is to serve as a focal point, drawing and directing the eye so that the whole yard can be seen gradually rather than all at once. The sculpture can frame a view of the backyard or beyond or be the main attraction.

When put in the right place, a sculpture is much more than just a piece of art. It’s a conversation starter and makes people think and feel calm and still in our fast-paced world. What more if it has light? A well-lit outdoor space shares light energy with others.

Metal Wall Art 

Decorating walls with works of art is a timeless trend that should never go out of style. It’s a great way to revamp a boring wall. You can add lighting, making it another option for lit sculptures. 

You can experiment with it at any time. This metal framework can be used to tell a story or as a security feature. During the holiday season, you can hang ornaments on it. Or you can leave it as it is because it already serves as a striking decoration.

Suppose you share an image with significant meaning to you and your family using this metal. In that case, it will also serve as a conversation starter and memento.

Clean Curves and Arches

Using curves, arches, and organic shapes to make a simple and sleek design inspires many people to use it in their homes. It instantly makes any space more elegant and peaceful to live in.

Use a minimalist modern patio with curvy and organic shapes for a clean, uncluttered look, or add it to any style you want. One good thing about the trend toward curved furniture is that you don’t have to go all the way in. 

Curves still go well with more geometric designs. Consider putting luxury designer rugs with a geometric pattern under your curvy seating. You may add this with all other things on this list, like more plants!

Tropical Oriental Mix

Tropical Chinoiserie is a tropical design mixed with an oriental-inspired design. 

It adds a new twist to a classic art form that is both meticulous and carefree. It means that it does not need to be as strict as oriental design rules nor be too hot with tropicals. Chinoiserie is a westernized imitation of Chinese design, which explains it.

The design is reminiscent of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, which provides vibrant tropical colors with eastern details. It feels like a modern party mixed with vintage royalty. 

Using this design is one way to take pride in your culture or another if you enjoy tropical and eastern details. 

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century design has characteristics of both of the first two styles on this list, but it’s mostly about shape and color. It isn’t afraid to use curves or a bright pop of color or texture. 

It is heavily influenced by the early twentieth-century German Bauhaus design, which emphasized clean lines, functionality, and a futuristic look. 

Aside from design elements, another mix-and-match for this theme is the type of materials. Man-made materials like vinyl, plastic, lucite, and fiberglass are often used together with natural materials like wood, glass, metal, and marble.

This style, like the first ones, also incorporates plants. But this design is unique since it promotes a sense of continuity between the indoors and the outdoors. 

Party or Paradise? 

Do everything you can to stay on top of these design trends because doing so will make your life easier and more enjoyable. Whether you want social events or solemn moments, one thing is for sure: you need to protect your patio designs using creativity with awnings, wall art, and plants.

True beauty comes from within, so focus on optimizing the performance of your spaces rather than aesthetics alone.


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