Mercy James Daughter Of Madonna

Who Is Mercy James?

Mercy James
Mercy James

Mercy James is Madonna’s second daughter. She was born in a village named Thwonde, which is present in southern Malawi in the continent of Africa. Mercy was adopted when she was just four years old. She initially was born into an impoverished family, and though she was able to stay connected to her side of the family, her mother had shortly passed away after her birth. Mercy’s family had appealed to several international organizations for funds after she was born, and their appeals finally were met by Madonna’s organization, Raising Malawi.

Madonna Mercy James’s Adoption

Madonna Mercy James's Adoption
Madonna Mercy James’s Adoption

When Madonna saw little Mercy, she wanted to adopt her and immediately appealed for it. However, before that, she had also adopted another little boy named David Banda. Both times, Madonna’s adoption appeals were met with a lot of controversy and criticism, as the laws of adoption in Malawi required her to live in the region for at least a year before she could legally adopt. Because of this, her appeal for adopting Mercy was dropped. It was later on raised again, and Madonna was finally able to adopt Mercy James without needing to reside in Malawi.

Mercy shares a very close bond with her mother and her siblings. She recently celebrated her birthday on 22nd January, and it was the party of her 17th birthday. She remains very private as Madonna also does not allow fame to get to her much. But she does make some public appearances among everything. Given her age, she is most probably a high school student.

Mercy James’s Mother Madonna

Mercy James's Mother Madonna
Mercy James’s Mother Madonna

If we are going to talk about music, particularly pop music in particular, then the name Madonna is one of the most well-known of all. Madonna has been a part of the music industry for a long time now, at least a couple of decades and her music is such that it has made people of all ages dance to her tune. Her talent is far-fetched, and her craft has always been revolutionary, redefining and beyond her time.

from being a super-talented singer, she is equally skilled as a producer, director, and songwriter. Apart from being written for her own albums, the songs written by Madonna were sung by many other popular artists for their own albums as well. Some of her most popular songs are Give Me All Your Luvin’, Material Girl, and Girl Gone Wild among many more. Recently, she collaborated with Saucy Santana on a remixed version of both their songs of the same title.

While Madonna is a world-famous singer whose talent earned the name, “Queen of Pop”, she is also a loving mother to six children. Their names are Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda, Mercy James, Stelle Ciccone, and Estere Ciccone. Lourdes Leon is Madonna’s eldest child, as well as her eldest daughter, and she was born when Madonna was in a relationship with Carlos Leon, and later Rocco was born while Madonna was married to film director Guy Ritchie.

Madonna has six children in total, and while Lourdes and Rocco are her biological kids, Mercy James, Stella, Estere Ciccone, and David Banda were all adopted by her.

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