How To Win At Roulette: Essential Strategies

People have used a wide variety of betting strategies and complex betting systems to win at the tables, but what do you think happens in the end? These betting strategies and techniques did not provide victory for the participants. That casino advantage was (is) unconquerable; no betting strategy or system can beat it.

Even so, there are smarter and sloppier methods to bet on roulette wheel. Even more surprisingly, at least in the recent past, gamers have figured out wheel methods that might defeat the game. A wheel approach is not a betting strategy, so keep that in mind. The gap between them is enormous. 

  1. Look For Games With “Surrender” Or “En Prison” –

In practice, these two words mean the same thing. Casinos that provide “surrender” when the 0 or 00 appears in a red, black, odd, or even bet only lose half the stake. The player receives back the other half of the token. You may terminate these bets “even money” if you expect to win the same amount as you put in.

When playing American roulette, the “surrender” option halves the house’s advantage. This reduces the house advantage the player faces from 5.28 percent to 2.64 percent. Learn how to locate games that allow surrender and stick to the “even-money” bet that is on the table’s perimeter.

En prison achieves the same result (a reduction in the house edge of 50%), but in a somewhat different way. The “even-money” bets are locked until the following spin if the green 0 occurs (en prison is more common on European single-zero wheels).

Suppose you wager on red and the 0 comes up. The red wager is carried over to the next round. If red comes up, you get back your wager; if black does, you lose it; and if zero comes up again, your wager remains locked up.

The standard 2.70 percent house advantage in the European game is reduced to 1.35 percent when played in jail.

Again, if you come across any of these two possibilities, you should use them.

  1. Always Play A Single-Zero Wheel If You Can –

We’re not talking about a complicated notion here. If you’re going to play roulette, would you rather play on a wheel with a single zero with a 2.70 percent house advantage, or a double zero wheel with a 5.26 percent house edge? Sure, go ahead and spin the wheels with just one zero.

The sole exception to this is if the minimum wager on the single-zero wheel is larger than the minimum bet on the double-zero wheel.

  1. Create A 401g Account –

Only “play money,” or money set aside specifically to play games, should be used. Create a bank account for your gaming funds and spend those dollars for nothing else. Increase your fun money by a little amount every week or month. We’ve dubbed this savings plan a “401G,” where “G” denotes betting. Only the funds in this account may be used for betting purposes. 

  1. Play In A Leisurely Fashion –

Play roulette at your own pace; it’s meant to be played slowly and casually. If you’re the only one in the game, there’s no need to hurry to place your wagers.

  1. Don’t Sweat A Loss On A Previous Number You Didn’t Bet This Time –

That means you were always placing the same stake of 8 on the table. Not even close! Not even a close number did. So, you thought you were being so smart by not placing the bet this time, but as luck (or the furious gods) would have it, that dumb hit! Sorry for your misfortune.

Relax about it. The outcome of the game is completely arbitrary and has nothing to do with destiny or the gods of Olympus. It was bound to strike a pocket eventually, and that one took the impact. There was no deliberate attempt on the part of the ball to fall on the number 8.

  1.  Play Within Your Bankroll –

In contrast, the player next to you is putting thousands of units on the numbers. He’s risking more than a year’s salary on a bet! He comes from a royal family. What a lowly peasant you are.

Nonsense. You should only risk what you can comfortably afford to lose. If you think that royals who wager thousands of units would be treated differently at the casino, think again. They see these individuals the same way a shark views a seal—as prey to be eaten.

Participate in a game based on your 401(k) plan. A good stake size for a single or double session is around 10 percent of your whole bankroll. They have long since passed the time when people would obey a monarch.

  1. Look For Biased Wheels –

All roulette players should be familiar with the term “biased wheel.” But in case you need it, here’s a definition: a specific number (or numbers) are scoring much more often than would be expected given the odds. Of course, you’d have to watch the wheel for a very, very long time (hundreds of thousands, if not millions) to be sure of that.

True, the bettors at Monte Carlo were able to break the bank. Try to locate a set of skewed wheels among today’s supercomputer-perfectly balanced ones if you’re so inclined, but I doubt that many if any of their readers care.

The following is a method for (pretending to) play a wheel that is slanted in one direction. If a number has shown on the scoreboard twice, you should wager on it.

Would these results point to a skewed wheel? Please. Yet, fantasize that they are made for a good time.

  1. Sit Out Some Decisions –

Casinos benefit from players who spend more time at the tables while players who spend less time at the tables ultimately win. All bettors should be aware of this (or they should know that). The impact of the house advantage on your bankroll may be minimized if you sometimes wait out a decision.

  • Conclusion –

There’s no need to freak out if a previous pick of yours pops up. There is no god out to get you, and the game is completely random.


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