How To Choose The Right Bra?

Every woman strives to be desirable, so she approaches the choice of underwear with great care. Not only beauty, but also comfort are the main features of a quality bra. How to choose the right model and not make a mistake in size, read on

Rules for choosing “your” bra

Not an easy task – the choice of underwear. The apparent variety on the shelves of stores does not always help with the choice. Every lady eventually accumulates a considerable number of bodices in her closet, beautiful and functional at first glance. And only wearing underwear shows that some did not fit in size and shape, others are uncomfortable, others are clearly visible under clothing.

It is important to remember that a well-chosen bra can complement your image, emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. The “wrong” bodice will spoil the look of even the most seductive forms. And underwear squeezing the body will not only bring discomfort for the whole day, but is also dangerous to health.

How to take measurements from yourself?

There are two meanings on laundry labels: numeric and alphabetic. It is recommended to determine your size using a centimeter tape. It is advisable to take measurements with your hands down. If possible, it is better to use someone’s help. You can do it yourself too. For measurement, it is better to wear the most comfortable water bras for sale.

We measure the volume

The first number in the size chart shows the volume of the torso under the bust. Usually it is expressed in centimeters: 75, 80, 85, and so on – in increments of 5 cm. To measure, the centimeter tape must be placed as close as possible to the body, evenly, horizontally. Equal values ​​are rarely obtained. In this case, for trying on, you need to take the two closest in size – both up and down.

If the size is, for example, 83 cm, then 80 and 85 will be adjacent in value. Both are tried on, the one that is more convenient according to subjective feelings is chosen.

Find out the size of the chest

The second indicator is the volume of the chest. It is measured when the tape is located at the level of the protruding points. For more accurate readings, it is recommended that you measure while tilted at a 90 degree angle. Simple calculations will help to translate the resulting size into a letter value.

The underbust volume is subtracted from the second value. It turns out the difference between the two volumes in centimeters. Using the table, the digital indicator is converted into an alphabetic indicator, which can be read on the labels. Previously, the letter size of the volume of cups was also digital.

Trying on a bra

To find “your” bra and not be disappointed in it in the future, follow these rules:

  • Try on as many products as you need to find the right bodice (at least 10 models).
  • Be sure to evaluate the fit with the belt, the proportionality of the cups, the convenience of the straps.
  • If the manufacturers’ dimensional grids do not match, try neighboring options.
  • Putting on underwear, move around, this will help determine the degree of comfort for future wear.
  • When trying on, it is recommended to fasten the bra belt at the most extreme fastenings; if it is stretched, it will be possible to fasten it more tightly in the future.

How to understand that the bra is chosen correctly?

The ideal bra has a number of features:

  • The belt does not cut into the skin, but tightly wraps around the chest, does not move to the side when turning.
  • Two fingers can be placed under the clasp.
  • Feeling that the belt is a little tight is considered normal, its position is horizontal.
  • The cups do not have folds, do not squeeze out the skin rollers under the armpits.
  • The bones are located on the ribs, and not on the mammary gland.
  • The chest is located not below the edge of the bra, otherwise it does not perform a supporting function.


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