History of Private Jets

Flying on private jets is a privilege for many people. Politicians, celebrities, and athletes generally use private jets. The use of private jets has risen exponentially in this modern era. The growth of private jets can firmly be attributed to advanced technology.

The First Private Jet Concepts

Sir Francis Whittle and Dr. Hans von Ohain started plans for private jets in the 1930s. To get private jets in the market, they organized small races. Hans von Ohain was the first person to fly a private plane successfully, and he was the race winner. Around this time, researchers were conducting extensive research on propeller planes. They were trying to determine which model was better for longer distances. After extensive research, they concluded that propeller planes were best fitted for shorter distances. On the other hand, jets were suitable for longer distances.

Initially, the U.S government did not advocate for the use of private jets because the technology was very new, and they did not understand it. Therefore, they were afraid of risking people’s lives. Private jets’ availability in the market was minimal. With minimal availability of jets in the market, jet prices were extremely high. Therefore, jets were only available to some of the wealthiest families due to affordability.

The First Official Private Jet

Lockheed Jetstar was the first official private jet. It was launched in the 1950s. The jet had various aspects, such as accommodating two crew members. Further, it could accommodate ten passengers.

At this point, private jets were still very inaccessible because of the high prices. Also, there were very few jets in the open market. Moreover, there was no renting and chartering of the jets.

In 1963, Bill Lear created a jet called Learjet 23. It had different aspects from the Lockheed Jetstar. Learjet 23 could house 4 to 6 individuals. Compared to Lockheed Jester, this jet was smaller. The main advantage of the jet is that it has excellent speed.

The model of this jet contributed to its high speed. It had a similar design to the German military jets. It could fly at a speed of 561 miles per hour. It was the fastest private jet in the market during that time. Also, the jet’s speed was highly attributed to the fact that the jet was a lighter model. Currently, the jet has gained popularity because it is still being used.

Gulfstream Market Entry

The era of Gulfstream jets was started officially in 1966. It set extremely high standards of luxury and comfort in modern jets. The jet was bigger compared to all the other modern jets. It was unique because it could carry up to 19 passengers. Notably, the jet was comfortable and had abundant space. The flight experience on this jet was memorable. Also, it was a top-notch invention because it could fly at a range of 4000 miles without refueling.

The Era of Competition

Embraer and Boeing officially launched jets in 1968 and 1977. These were advanced companies that invented jets. Embraer launched Bandeirante Twin-Turboprop. Courtesy of the Turboprop engine, the jet was an incredible success. Their impeccable performance was due to their lighter weight. The range in this plane was quite affordable and did not consume as much fuel making it affordable. The company is one of the largest producers of jet manufacturers today. Boeing became a successful plane company by implementing its technology in making private jets. They transformed 747 models into VIP sessions, which were used in jets.

The Modern Private Jet Era

The modern era for private jets mainly began in 1990. Today’s industry of private jets is trying to make them affordable and accessible. Business jets were launched in 1990. Music directors, celebrities, and politicians used them to travel the world.

Fractional jet ownership and private jet charters were also launched in 1990. Fractional jet ownership means that a particular individual is given total ownership of a jet for a certain period. It meant that you could use a jet freely without necessarily buying one. Renting made jets more affordable. People could enquire about how much to rent a private jet for various destinations.

Generally, the Wright brothers began flight as a private venture. They began funding this project in 1903. Today, chartering a jet is very easy, thus being available to everyone. However, this has not always been the case because flight travel has come a long way.


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